Why do we die in custody? 

Oh because some people think everyone should live and be like them. And that’s a bad idea. 

How do you stop it? 

Oh you don’t arrest people for minor things or put them in a position where they have drunk alot and then lock them up. Depression hits after alcohol. Don’t ever make a decision oh never mind. 

Why do they get arrested? 

Well I don’t know. But rules can be arbitrary. Generally it should be last resort. You’re lucky you aren’t in the US.


They kill people in jail. Don’t ask. You don’t want to know. 

But why? 

Oh Jesus. Um, well because it is a bad idea. And if you are poor and black or white trash, you might have more of a chance of being locked up. And then, gonski. No kidding. For real.

Are you a progressive? 

In some things. 

Do you like black people more than white people? 

No. I like people to be equal. 

Except you. 

Oh that’s the reward for a big heart. My sister had a bigger heart. You get more responsibility. 

Is that true? 

We would like it to be true. It should be true. Generally, it is true. I think. 

Can you love everyone? 

Yes. You can. 

Will the death penalty be forever? 

Not if I am in charge. 

Can it change? 

There are changes. Young people come in. Ocasio that girl.. You know. 

If people die in custody, why doesn’t it stop? 

I am not sure. Alcohol. Depression. I don’t know. I am not with them darling. 

Why not?

Because I am a white person up my own arsehole with self importance. 

(looks concerned) 

Sorry. I mean… because I chose something else. Bigger. 



Nothing what? 


Do you think we need a treaty? 

Oh darling. I think that is for you to determine. sighs But yes. To not recognise you is… mean. It is mean. It is changing. People like you are changing it. 

Will it be forever? 

laughs Yes. Forever. Yes. Although some African independence movements


Nothing. Let’s get a slice of gluten free nut cake shall we? Sure to whet the appetite. I really desire a gluten free nut cake. Just salivating thinking about it.