I am not sitting around getting my fanny blown by a bunch of well renumerated GI dolls if I can’t get in a fucking plane


Not everyone your highness, is allowed anywhere near the new F35


That’s not the point. I want to


You are here to unite the people and give them hope and happiness and a future and quite frankly this desire to keep up with an industry that is far beyond you


Beyond me? Beyond me? It isn’t beyond me, it is top secret so none of us know anything and we have to hand over the purse like some granny tapped for anyway I AM a GI, I am EVERYONE, I am the chessboard


Chess, you don’t make me laugh you wouldn’t know a castle from a Queen


I am a Queen! I love Queen!


If you would just read something, it would give you context


I am not going blind because those bastards want me to spend my life reading up on material that they could tell me in five seconds and probably read on the toilet wall at fucking first year Duntroon


If you picked up


To endure Balkan bone heads at the local pub. They always pick the girls that think they are the smartest in the room. Like, street smart. ‘Look I am all street cred! And look at my ars-e moves bro! And no-one knows I am acting!’ Can’t wait to see them in 25 years.


Oh you’re an expert now. The ambulating anarchist


Laughs For me to find out whether or not people are being affected by major decisions, I have to know shit.


One sideways glance from the wrong person and you are gushing river of self pitying tears Princess


I am not


You are too so


You shouldn’t know that


Well I do


Well I am going to chuck brown eyes as long as it takes for you people to look the other way.


We’re never going to look the other way so suck it.


I’m going to get you back


No you are not


Yes I am. And you better watch out because you’re gunna be jealous


We are never ever jealous


Yes you are


No we are not


You are you just can’t admit it! I am so fabulous you don’t know what to do with me!


We do!


No you don’t! You just turn it into stories that don’t make sense!


What? What? You’re practically invisible!


Compared to the curated masses I am a screaming art piece


You are a misanthropic


A miserable










Bird brained


Malevolent schemed




Manipulating violating






Petulant android






Over renumerated


Duly compensated


Incredibly talented


Wastrel vagrant





Yes I am. And I got a big one so I am not going anywhere


Stomps out


Says quietly to no-one


Turn that arse around and cover it with cloth and we’ve got the Barbie Virgin Mary. I’d almost prefer it.


Head in hands. Tosses paper off desk