So why are there so many bases? Seems inefficient for a bunch of politicians who wish to single handedly rouse the people from their mortal impoverishment.


The Red Sea


Yeah I got that. What is this an international bazaar for powerful types? 


It isn’t the first place to have multiple


So, should I assume Sudan has something to do with this or will I just let the people learn about it in 2050


I’d let the people 


I thought so. Big plane pics today. How are we to assume that anyone can challenge that military pie? Can you spin that today for me or shall I swim in the river of Democratic baptismal waters 


Huck you can do what you please. Moving your arse would be a start. 


Yes. Well, when one wants to sift through the African continent, it isn’t exactly a join the Dora dots. 


How challenging for you. 


No. Challenging for you. 


You know most adults actually grow up and stop asking questions that even for five year olds are a little rhetorical 


I don’t think they are rhetorical. They are simple questions that highlight the necessity of purpose.


There is purpose.


Oh I know. Niger. I wonder…


You know


Hmm. Do I? I’ve always appreciated the way forces can simply spread themselves over the globe while accountants give us oppression narratives to distract us. I mean, if I was a woman and I wanted more money for say, green bits in non-green bit areas, do you think you’d be corralling me to save the poor people or allowing me to monitor your movements 


We can’t help how you use your time. Complaining about information seems a little beneath you 


Yes, I guess the life sciences and some of that particle stuff really is where I should be at. 


We can help you 


Oh seriously. I’ve seen how that has worked in the last 20 years. What will this one look like? Will he be real or a clone? 


Too much TV for you. 


Well that’s what happens when you ostracise politicise canonise 


Oh Lordy, Dolce and Gabbana did do this a few seasons ago 


When you decide that can offer me one person to make love to, that doesn’t work for the outfits and isn’t going to take me to the cleaners, I’ll know you are serious about government. And other things. Until then, you are pretty much on your own. 


Actually I think


Don’t. It hurts. 




Goodbye. Bye bye minion.