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Hills. Cows. Telephone. Paddock.




OH MY DAHLING! Thank god, I thought I was stuck on this hill alone, but you Sat phone me. Where you at pumpernickel? 


Oh now calm down brown cow. 


Oh calm down. 


Problems? I got to get the Three Wise Snuffy’s into the shed with nobody seein’. 


They might have a gluten intolerance. I have to get them onto pulses. 


Don’t talk to me about pressure, I haven’t got the costumes for the nativity scene! 


Yeah, so they say. 


I dunno. I did tell you. You never listen to the Agnes. 


Yeah but the Sinai? You no like our desert? What’s wrong with it? 


Yeah I saw. 


Yeah I saw. 


Oh you get your khaki in a tizzle. 


Well maybe when you want to the rule the world, there is some downside possum heart. 


Didn’t you have your infra-red desert goggles? 


I packed them for you. In the side pocket. 


Well Daisy was a little rough this morning but I got her teat out of trouble. Again. 


Yeah, lucky I did that TAFE course or I’d be in real trouble. 


How is the Wandering going? Are we nearly there yet? Because I gotta tell you, I’m bored. There’s no car games. I made them all up and then messed them up and then made them again and then 


You need a Tesla. Bugger the Toyota. 


Yeah. Yeah. Well, that’s if you get rain. 


Really? With the fuzzy wuzzy’s? 


OMG! Real ones or NRL ones? 


For real? 


Shit. So tough being you. Seriously. They should give you a medal. 


Yeah it’s in your sock drawer. 


Um well I did have a few questions. 


Can you bring me home something big brown and carved?


Yeah I know darlin’ but then I met you. 


Well I wanna throw some tinsel over it for the Xmas decos. 


There’s no need to be like that. I was just being ethnographic. 


Are you anthromorphizing me? Because if you want to know, I am like a Lion. Roar. 


Ah, no, more like a praying mantis. We can’t all be good at everything darling. 


Oh c’mon. Don’t be shy! Not everyone can be a Snuffy!


Don’t be jealous. You have talents he doesn’t have. Besides, when you have important work like yours, someone has to be the Glitter that Falls Softly Over Your Face As You Wander Home. 


Yeah that’s me. The glitter. 


Anyway, this must be costing defence a fortune and you know how they like to stay within their means. So thrifty that lot.


Oh seriously! 


You’re kiddin’. 


Well if you need me to lay pipelines, I’ll lay pipe. There’s nothin’ I can’t do darlin’ for you. 


I’ll bring my Ventolin just in case. 


Got a call comin’ through, might be Hugh, gotta go. 


Elizabeth and Aide-de-Camp


And what are we to do? To tell the people that they must smite the Chinese hordes while asking them to stay silent and not report 


Report with respect for 


Not report or acknowledge the hypocrisy of a war that if indeed ever came to pass would be, like all wars, the death penalty for those on the losing side? Our democracy it would seem wants to mirror the other side. And how then, are we to ever garner support for foreign policy? 


It was an interview with the presiding government official that clearly laid out 


The idea that journalists should not report anything that 


You are our leader Madam and as such 


No leader wants sycophants running alongside them offering unpalatable uncontested views


Your own policy Madam 


That interview was ripe for satirical riposte and I assure you many years ago it would not be allowed to run in a country born of the rum rebellion and sharpened on the legends of outlaws 


It won’t be 


There is no place for complacency now! I want a satirical run on foreign policy and I want some sharp blades 


You cannot order creativity like some 


I see. The Sistine Chapel painted itself did it?  Or is it a problem with ageing vaginas? What is Australia going to win? The Bland Brass Spoon? 


Cyber intelligence 


American hegemony was born of cunning and chutzpah. What you are doing is what you did in the 20th Century. You made sure a narrative of suffering was applied to ensure the best talents of the Jewish Diaspora went Westward, straight into the hands of the Americans. An empire was born and England went kaput. Of course later, the Americans cap in hand went to the UK and said ‘please help us with the Communist hordes’ and they obliged. Obviously, the Western advance is greater than historical memory. And now, our little Five Eyes wants the best minds of Asia into our wonderfully democratic hands when in fact, the country is still ruled legally, by virtue of a convenient constitutional aberration, by the Queen. Making arguments about authoritarian countries somewhat obsolete. We won’t mention the Saudi’s or in fact, the governance of most Islamic allies or the fact, that while the Uighar situation is wrong, incarceration rates in the Western world 


The State must at some stage 


Fashion a narrative. You cannot argue that the security law of Hong Kong is a problem if Kashmir and our own laws are a mirror to those very same laws. 


But we must ensure 


You can give 290 billion to an industry that has no accountability and on an environmental score, rates close to zero. What are you going to do, argue that tanks and lasers are ‘green’ technology? Made with recycled bottles? Please, entertain me. 


If the security environment demands 


What security environment? Which one? What you don’t like is that the Yellow People can make money. And I have not seen you stop any of the dams upstream 


That is a matter of security politics 


That is a matter of the environment as much as politics.  Much like the health of the citizens of this country who deserve to be ruled by people who care if they live or die. Or is that irrelevant to the greater cause? 


The dam is an issue for Egypt and 


What is that great large dome in Addis Ababa for? It seems to me, these very powerful and intelligent people that run the world are incapable of looking after the very same people they claim to represent. 


When we are talking about energy 


Yes. I’ve seen. I’ve seen what takes precedence over all else. If this country is to savour it’s earth, it will have to make a very strong case for immediate demands. I’d start making your case for your Foreign Policy. Until then, I’ll suffice with Looking North. And the end of the Trojan War. They tell me history makes a strong case. 


With all due respect, you cannot pause progress Madam


You are asking me to choose which child should suffer amongst all my children. That is not a choice nor progress. 


Harry and Meghan


Chose to run an independent race. The division, like many in history, is a chimera. Stay on the side of history. Or I should have no-one interesting to talk to. Keep up.


arched eyebrow. saunters off 

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