So as you know Albo is overseas oh boy, he iso remarkably revolutionary 


He is going to chat to the Navantia boys about stuff and well he was on the election hustings on hydrogen so you know, so radically different from Morrison 


I mean, the policy differences are so remarkable.


I love the Left. He’s makin’ Blair look like a Middle Way. 


Alastair Campbell.


But Albo talked about that little thing called China that NATO has decided is a security threat and OUR Albo has said that it should heed the lessons of Ukrainia for Taiwan. 


So that’s good. 


“China must look at what is happening, look at the result that is there throughout the world, and should be condemning Russia’s actions,” the Prime Minister said on the sidelines of the summit.


Earlier, Mr Albanese told NATO leaders that Beijing and Moscow shared a “lack of democratic values”, and declared the two nations’ increasing closeness of posed a risk to all democracies.


Boy, he’s early to the party ain’t he.


Our closeness to anyone isn’t a threat. Just China’s. I wonder what we gunna do with that little Port Kembla memorial to the Chinese. That gunna put the MUA in real trouble ain’t it? 


Australia has according to Albo been the victim of Chinese ‘economic coercion’. I think we have been coerced into takin’ their money but never mind. 


How does that fit in with our iron ore and a few other staples? Inconvenient questions. 


The Strategic Concept from NATO says they are not transparent when it comes to nuclear weapons, so that’s good. We are of course. We’re just transparent and open. 


It is the first time NATO has deemed China a threat since 1949 says the papers. 


I dono what paper they bin readin’ but we heard it before fellas.


Anyway, apparently Ukrainia hasn’t got enough support which is clearly defies logic as every Western country known to man is wearing blue and yellow like Serbia never happened and Iraq was just a fantasy never mind. White people matter. As you know. 


Anyway, we’re supporting PNG with election support – wonder what that means. More ships I guess. And there is Pacific Vanguard so glory, that is going to be fun. I am going to hang upside down from an Albatross helicopter with a banner just to piss Ewok off. 


Might throw them some barley sugars in case they are hungry. Keep them focused. 


But we’re goin’ to set up a Pacific defence crew, so that is commitment. 


I am not sure how it works in with what the Chinese have offered. But we’re schoolin’ them, and if it anything like my defence schoolin’ we got so much to look forward to. 


All that detail. 


Specifics of it, you know? 


We’ll find out when Franky heads up the Forum in July in Suva, while Mikey Noonan sips Blue Hawaiians from a naval balcony. 


And they are Blue because the Pacific has just signed something with the UK, the US and Australia called Partners In Blue Pacific – maybe they missed the Y –  which MAY have a security component. 


Oh here’s Bluey. 





And the Chinese have decided they are goin’ to have a meetin’ on the same day.


Oh, here’s Peppa Pig.



So that is goin’ to be real fun.


Disruptive is what some Western analysts called it. 


So descriptive. I really love diplomatic language don’t you? 


Be a real ball bein’ a part of that. 


I can see why Angelina got drunk in the Good Shepherd. 


Anyway of course half the Pacific is in Portugal talkin’ climate change which MY BRANGUS has said could lead to territorial expansion. He said that in 2019. So ahead of his time. 


Where do they get these ideas. 


Brangie, I didn’t know you said that. You just get sexier every day.


Glory,  I wish was in Duntroon with Richard Marles. Get to see maps on walls and everythin’.


Climate change and territorial expansion. Next thing you know they’ll say that access to water might cause wars. 


I think there have been some deals in the Pacific inked recently so um, maybe they don’ need it. But the detail of the deals inked was certainly interestin’ and golly, I can’t imagine what all those people are talkin’ about over there. 


Do you think we could save the oceans with some more submarines? 


I mean, that certainly is logical. 


Anyway, we have been blessed with extraordinary commentary, glory, imagine bein’ a commentator this one ‘The Ukraine War: the Longer the War the More Likely It Is To Be Won By A Sea Power’


It’s actually good this one and now that Turkey has decided that Finland and Sweden can also join NATO – it’s sort of like Federer against Djokovic, you know, the Slavs getting roundly laminated in the 20th Century despite hauling Western ASS via a German thing in WW2 – but it is history, no matter – not important right?  So the Baltic Sea looks real interestin’ not sure about the Lake Idea but certainly Kaliningrad well, I will not mention it again. 


I just have a feeling that there are alot of Danish Moncler jackets in that part of town. It’s Freddy so totally OK. You know, Our Mary is probably making sure his hair is down with a little bit of spit 


Black Sea is a mighty tad more Interestin’ what with Russkie war territory and a few ships and Odesa and Turkeys move to block the whole thing according to a treaty but accept Sweden and Finland as NATO partners so that makes sense.


Turkey you are wildly interestin’ 


How is the black trade goin’ in that part of town? 


There’s also been a tactical retreat but in reality, we have no idea what is happen’ except that 400,000. troops are going in – NATO that is – into Europe. Not insignificant. 400,000. There’s a great map where they all gunna be. Boy. 


Washington has announced it will shift the headquarters of its 5th Army Corps to Poland. An army brigade will rotate in and out of Romania, two squadrons of F-35 fighters will deploy to Britain, US air defence systems will be sent to Germany and Italy, and the fleet of US Navy destroyers in Spain will grow from four to six.


On top of that, we have the situation where a bunch of poor African countries and those like Yemen – gosh, Yemen, certainly positioned well isn’t it – just seem to be having grain shortages as a result of this pesky Ukrainian war. We certainly are humanitarian. I wonder how that would benefit the tribes of Information Greatness.  Guess they’ll have to go in and be humanitarian again.


Maps like no tomorrow I can see it right here. They good maps too. 


So good isn’t it. 


That little thing called food security. 


Imagine the money being made on the trades.


Jesus H Christ.


Anyway once America has done with gettin’ rid of access to abortion,  everyone will be ready to join the ranks of the military. I mean, you know, maybe they don’t like the demographics of India and the Middle East.  China. Need more of an underclass. That is a good look. I mean, if you can’t look after the ones you got, just have more. 


Can’t ban weapons but can ban access to abortion. Are we running with that in Ukraine?  Against China? 


We could get the boys to pay for it. That would help rescind it. 


As someone said, all of you that did not vote for Hillary should go and hide for a few decades while the rest of us calm down. 


Anyway, there we have it. The Russians are colluding with China who is probably givin’ our iron ore to the Russkies who cannot get it to Kaliningrad but five bucks of boiled lollies probably gettin’ around it Lithuania. 


Better yet, the West is goin’ cap in hand to Venezuela. 


I love it.  


Oh the logic of it. 


Really, you boys should get medals for this crap.


Let’s start with the red textas and where the bits are that are not Western aligned.


I am Muriel and I am here to help.