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If Derry doesn’t want a divided Ireland and America is outraged by the mass shootings, what is the scenario with Libya, Turkey; the INF withdrawal, the missile statements from  Pompeo and Yemen bombings? 

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Right so, when I discuss these things, how is it different say, from a reporter or a commentator or an analyst at a think tank? Let’s say, people view them as stoking certain current international positions. Will they be viewed as pariahs? 

Well, Trump is getting a caning

Yes. But that hasn’t changed policy, has it? I mean, when I have tried to change policy – or when people enter politics, isn’t that effectively trying to bring about an end to situations or alleviate the plight of people who are voiceless? 


So when I say that the lack of water in certain countries as a result of policy means that it is imperative that people in Africa find ways to make sure that they have access to clean and reliable water sources, how likely is that? 

Well, I am not sure 

Because at the end of the day, rulers have to be making decisions that make lives better not harder for the constituent. 


Right. So when I – out of my sense of service – look at whether or not water sources are clean, is that not a ruler being effective and compassionate about the subjects that rely on my good judgment? 

Yes, I would say yes of course

Good. That is all I wanted to hear you say. So, make clean water in Africa more reliable and make sure the people have it. 

Well the rivers 

I can’t see how you can say yes to plants and factories and other industrial items and not think about whether or not the clean water sources will affect people locally. I mean, their health. 

There are many programs 

Good. Because that is what I want and that is what I wanted to hear. Great work. Keep going. I’d like that an immediate result to be implemented….immediately. Clean water and sources accessible now. And some start up fund lot can make sure that it happens. I don’t want to see people lining up for water in a drought ravaged river. Or toxic water in community situations. 

How is this linked to the international situation that you 

Oh. Well. I just want to know why being outspoken or concerned with health issues is derided. I thought it might be best to keep going while I can. 

You have chosen some pretty powerful people to argue with 

I don’t see them as the enemy.

Well I would say 

How do you propose we deal with surveillance? Modify behaviours? Turn into robots? What is your belief here

That we be careful of what we say when 

How can a satellite determine the difference between theatre, satire and reality? It cannot. Only humans can. Therefore humans know when I am behaving to violate intimidating censorship and when I am performing. Only humans. 

What if they have no sense of humour? 

The satellites or the humans? 

Obviously huu

Then, they are serious about the issues of State. I see no point in it. Not a good PR exercise. 

But they do not have to absorb poor behaviour by the citizen. 

Of course they do. They are the State. The power quotient is uneven therefore the stronger set must endure as they are the larger force. The individual is not plankton to be picked off for amusement. 

Coming from you 

I was on a floor. Fourth time. Poisoned. I have not ever made it public until last month. Don’t tell me about amusements. 

Your fricatives have frankly 

If you work with incredible power on your side, you wear it. Surely they knew the consequences. 

Probably not. 

If they don’t wear it, they are the Mafia. 

There is a middle ground


The Land Between The Seas

A Compendium of Thoughts on Chaos and The Land Between Seas. That We Live On.

While you’re listening to the Royal Commission into Child Abuse currently running in NSW, spare a thought for people dealing with the images coming out of Syria.
Pretty gruesome although I do not necessarily agree with the axiom ‘you can’t say you didn’t know.’
Viewing images is one thing. Being certain of the perpetrator is quite another. Especially thousands of miles away.
The Balkan wars had their own agendas and necessary tragedies and I am not sure anyone well versed in international conflict is going to wade in other than to condemn – again – the endless suffering of innocent civilians.
The Fourth Estate has often used tragedy as a way to: inform others re: global conflict, depict suffering, or marshall support for a cause. The problem being that war images are rarely without inherent strategic ‘agendas’.
The UN is currently investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Russia disagrees.
Whether or not this is a ‘Western’ agenda or a human rights agenda isn’t exactly clear, as the war has been framed either as a war on extremists or a war between proxy powers. (The West v Russia/China. See Brzezinski.)
This strategic alignment might be clear vis a vis a the North Korean situation/South Korea’s THAAD deployment, but a little less so when determining the rationale for Trudeau’s/ASSK’s/Obama’s Chinese visits.
The point being: do journalists wish us to pressure the UN, boycott Russia, find ISIS, or launch an investigation into Western bombing thus pressuring US and aligned powers?
After all, I was under the assumption that that was precisely why we sent journalists to the Middle East.
Showing us images of carnage doesn’t inform us but often helps expedite already agreed upon foreign policy decisions. (See My Lai and the American withdrawal from Vietnam.)
Perhaps if the 4th Estate was a little more transparent about what they do know, we could both do their job for them and stop the conflict. Without the guilt trip.
It is war porn.
And don’t forget it.
Australia is currently in the midst of political debate regarding Chinese political donations to major parties and politicians, with a slew of reports detailing Chinese influence on our pollies. Alongside those reports, came more revelations on cyber hacking by foreign elements and a security conference in Canberra.
Large donations by US or Western companies haven’t had the same focus – but the EU has Apple in its sights, so perhaps Josh Earnest was only stating the obvious when he inadvertently referred to America’s economic interests in the Asia-Pacific.
(Perhaps real estate prices for Australia’s Y Gen are the real issue but there was a government inquiry into that.)
Meanwhile, there was a blast at the Chinese embassy in Tashkent (or was it Bishkek?) which might sort of be similar to the Chinese Serbia scenario years ago or maybe not.
And for those of you sick of ‘Chinese’ or ‘American’ interests – 18C is being debated in Parliament. As well as a plebiscite on gay marriage.
Perhaps the Donald Trump distraction tool has reached its used by date.
So OB is off to Laos and China. Kick arse temple decoration in the former. I hope he flies into Luang Prabang. Takes a trip down the Nam Ou. Sticky rices the hell up.
Anyway, Laos was the backdoor for American bombs in the Vietnam War, so the turn around in American policy continues apace.
I am allegedly meant to insert smarmy comments here but I’ll instead focus on the trends in APEC and ASEAN policy making and ask the question: is this unexpected? Does this accord with other decisions in these regional bodies?
Ah the bigger picture.



You need to apologise


Piss off


What was the problem down South? 


I can’t keep walking into your intell set ups. It creeps me out. 


We couldn’t have you sniffing around the sugar factories




It was a test. You didn’t go back. 


It was a rekky. Besides, I made my point. If you are going to employ young men to do your dirty business, at least have them not treat the subject as a fool. Did you make me sick?




What is so interesting out there that makes you ensure a handler with me at all times?


I have no idea 


The Chinese don’t care about what I write.


Yes. They do. 


Dramatically Ooooh. That’s because it may not just involve the Chinese. 


I don’t 


That would be a problem. 




The problem is inaccuracy 


There is nothing more beautiful than pulling the pieces together. What an interesting little place it is.


It was our opinion 


And all I can think about this week is, who can forget a program about my relatives just as I was investigating big interests in Australia. And you know the strange thing? The story was given to me by intelligence. I mean these yarns don’t drop out of the sky, do they? Now why would Intelligence who gave me the story then want my relatives to be discredited on Australian TV? It could be a tussle you see, between British vs American interests. I mean, you guys post-war have given it to the old guard, now haven’t you? Murdoch meeting Kennedy wasn’t a mistake. The Greeks taking charge. Tally Ho! It could be a desire to make someone committed to public information more of a, let’s say, privacy advocate. In that Roman Catholic sort of way. Or you were just testing me. Most likely. But funnily enough, it didn’t touch me. It never occurred to me that I should be worried. That I would actually care. Laughs You poor bastards. Must have spent months on that one. Cackles, shaking head You never have fucking understood the Irish have you. 


I have no 


Not a great story for Australian intelligence is it. Australia’s premier investigative public program using government funds to go after an investigative reporter? How are you going to spin it? 


We don’t


And just as you are going after China for state propaganda. 


Those are old 


No. I think anyone who sees themselves as part of an administration that actually cares about the Fourth Estate, would without a doubt, support an investigation into intelligence being used against democratic citizens. I mean, ordinary citizens. In Australia. Not paid by any foreign government. 


I think you need to think carefully about what you are 


This is Australian sport. This is the first week of the cricket at the SCG. Howzaaaaat dickhead. 


Walks out. 




Backlit: Ethiopians covered in white shrouds off to Church. 


Well fucking next time I will call a press conference 


It wasn’t 


I step off the fucking plane and I have 20 million little idiots taking cell phone pictures every five minutes what the fuck is going on over there? I nearly decked the Chinese embassy witch that stood directly in my face and clicked away at that shitty little dive they throw us all into so they can intell profiles 


We have to have everyone there 


Can’t you see me on a fucking satellite? What the hell are you all doing? I mean fuck me have things not evolved?


How would you know. You don’t know anything except what we 


I do a pretty good job of not knowing anything, it has served me 


Not anymore 


Pause You want me to discuss military operations in Africa. Why would I do that? 


Because you love it. 


There is no evidence!


None? That’s unlike you my little Girl Scout. And entirely unbelievable. 


How could I possibly know anything without going to every other African state to really understand what is 


You don’t have time. Pauses What about the local concerns?


That’s a stupid thing to say. Manipulative rubbish.They need not to be poisoned by fucking residue from dirty bombs.


Pause There is a large African Union building. And a large UN building. 


What the hell does that mean? 


It means you should think about it. 


Oh thanks very fucking much. That’s extremely helpful.  I am sure the Ethiopians are greatly thankful they have had the white honkies and now the Chinese to set them on the right path to Haile Selassie Greatness. I’ll fucking let you know when to bring in the swarm of bees right before they lose all their water and end up swimming in a trickle as big as the fucking Liffey 


Wait. I think I see …wait no…yes! A person. She used to be…could be just an epiphany. 


Oh go fuck your cheesy balls. 


Goes to walk out, stops at door


And some think he was a traitor btw. 


Really? Selassie? My Google is doing good research these days. 


I got it from an ex-military cabbie




Oh eat my muff cocksucker. 






I’m not using local translators 


And how do you 


They are big fat liars and they stuck me in a tent full of naked women who looked like they wanted to cook me 


Well there are a few 


Now I have a giant red pimple on my arse and I am pretty sure some bastard convinced a spider to sit on my greatest asset and 


Probably wasn’t wise to start an argument with your guides ten minutes into the trip 


They’re a bunch of fucking liars 


It is called the State. They are your constituents. 


Oh yeah? What by editing as they translate and conveniently directing me away from the scene of interest? That’s called horseshit. Patronising horseshit. 


They were helping you. As I said, the issue of Chinese sugar factories 


Well what do you expect? You just carve out huge swathes of territory, leave the poor local bastards to just deal with it while claiming you are making sugar! If they are making sugar my arse is the Eiffel Tower 


Remember when we explained that statecraft and diplomacy was about nuances. About how we say things. 


You mean I’m not supposed to make a link between the shape of sugar factories and nuclear rod things 


Nuclear rod things. Fuck me


You know what I mean. Those long things you have when you make a plant. 


You didn’t go there. You cannot claim anything. The discussion is mute at this point. 


You mean it is a moot point. 


Don’t go developing an intellect it will kill me. 


Taps fingers 


So let’s assume that through my policy deliberations I advocated the very thing that I am seeing 


Oh glory! Could it be true! Reality has hit the tackled punk Echidna wearing dog hair in one of the wealthiest suburbs in 


It isn’t the wealthiest 


It isn’t the Bronx sweetie but besides that exactly our fucking point! You cannot be everything all at once like some deranged Liberace Kissinger offspring 


Why not? Washington is blue and red now that the Democrats have taken control of the 


Did you see things and what will you do about it? 


I’m not going to bloody tell you, am I! 


Seriously, I wouldn’t ask you to do anything, it would be like asking a pavlova to discuss Bitcoin 




Quelle surprise


You are asking me to reveal security details in a country I just visited without all the evidence. 


I’m not asking you at all! 


Why would I reveal it? 


I didn’t say you would reveal it. But surely you know, regarding the environment and things you have seen, contribute to an understanding of the larger picture 


Listen. If you want me to discuss strategic decisions being made that facilitate naval power by any which power, just say so. I just don’t know that A + B = C in this situation




The Frenchies 




Well they may have a different take on things. 


According to who? There is a big fucking US base inside the border. Just pull it together and give us a larger picture. Stop being cute. All that Christian crap got to your brain 


Here you have an early Christian country. They’re still poor. They’ve been fighting Eritrea and now..peace. They’ve struck it strategically lucky and actually I think 


If you want to be the benevolent woman at the centre of a Christian story you must decide that. Decide. 


I thought I was Sabine. 




You went there for a reason. We have a good idea why. Lose the cuteness and get your shit together. 


No-one asked you. 


No-one asked you. But we are dealing with it. Your highness. 


Good. About fucking time. 




Do you think she knows anything? 




What can you glean from the pictures? 


Nothing. She hasn’t got a clue and I don’t think we should follow this down the 


Anyone can just have a look and discern for themselves. The stories of the relocations and 


There’s no proof. Why is she focussing on this and not what we handed her on a silver platter? 


Because if there is anything to her theory, it makes the whole security scenario a shit load more interesting. 


What more than pipes and dams and railways and sugar factories? It’s infrastructure. It is exactly what she was always banging on about.


Why does it trump houses and northern security imperatives? 


She’ll move West. Either connecting the energy, possibly South Sudan possibly Kenya. 


She’s a pain in the arse. Just let me know what she saw in Djibouti. 


Not much. Other than the new construction. She has nothing concrete. Ports. That’s it. 


Did she get to Niger? 







I think you are overplaying the downturn. 


Overplaying. Overplaying. 


You can’t honestly tell me that there is real economic trouble. Who wants it? 


No-one wants it. 


Are you ready to tell a large swathe of the great unwashed that economic hardship is what you wish them as you sit pretty on good investments and a roof above your head. Are you? I’m not. 


You sound like Pocahontas. We can’t control what happens. 


Yes. You can. Don’t do it. Don’t create something that will have major global repercussions and destroy little dumpy countries coming out from under the parapet. Don’t do it. 


I don’t know what you are talking about. 


No. But I am confident in your abilities to not punish people just keeping their head above water. Pauses Give them what they need. Surprise them. 


I thought you thought we were all water barons out to steal the water of the people


Smiles   You’re just going to have to find a way to give it back to them. Litigation in the courts over toxic residue. Imagine that global trend. 


What I always liked about foreign fields is that they were foreign. And the foreigners who went there were reliable. 


Brave New World. Must be frightening for the automobile club. 


Yes. Precisely. 



(Heads on grass, face up) 


Do you think I am some sort of Wharton figure? A sort of Howard’s End thing, not understanding the change in climate? 


I would never accuse you of not understanding a change in climate. I think you are confusing Remain’s of the Day with Howard’s End.


Well that depends on your reading. 


Have you done anything lately? Like read the Congressional reports? 


What would be the point of reading about how bad China is? If I’m not on the ground, it’s virtually pointless. When you’re on the ground, there are seventeen layers that suddenly come to you and soak into your skin and it becomes clear. Much clearer than say, looking at art in a book. You can see the brush and then you…and then you think about it until it becomes firm. I mean, if you were serious you’d be in Beijing anywhere just banging down business until you got the look in. 


There are plenty of podcasts. 


Yes, if you like the sound of your voice. It’s very self important isn’t it. I shall create a tableau of projects to add to my bow and thus remain eternally relevant. 


You’d love it. Gets up


Are you off to Japan? 




Well the skiing is going to be good. 


Excellent. Promise me you won’t hurtle into exotic domains and frighten the locals 


I promise to wear any interference lightly 


I don’t believe you 


Neither do I. 


No more striking either. 


No. No more facile lovers. 


Deal. They hug 


Get some new clothes. You’re malting. 


Oh it is my camouflage prior to mating. I’m a hedgehog you see. 


I don’t think you have a clue what you are talking about. I sat next to you in science in 7A. 


Smiles, cycles off 




The Lodge is not happy 


That’s like Jabba the Hut de-friending you. 


Yes but 


It is a tin humpy on a glorified piece of real estate. Prime Minister’s come and go.


I think 


Sorry are we talking about a message I got about Jackson Hole while staying in Jackson Street that has been coded to suggest that Canberra doesn’t think I will get a return on my services? Because that’s like using the term ‘climate change’. Or ‘global warming’. I got it the first time. 




And what? That could change in a second. People run countries. Not Prime Minister’s. 


I beg to 


Ah, in defence of the advisor. Always the most paramount interest don’t you think? 


Leader’s must be tested 


Humiliating an individual is just humiliation. Stop protecting yourselves. Protect the population. 


Taps finger 


What? I’m not going to discuss the camouflage in the North. Puts book down. What do they want me to say? ‘I saw men in camouflage that clearly are being trained by someone in an area known for demanding independence.’ Too subtle I imagine. 




Why do you want me to discuss it? I haven’t finished assessing the elements within the borders. 


Then if you could kindly do so.


If you tell me the benefit to the local population, I’ll discuss it. Do they get more money? Is it proxy power play by stealth? 


I thought you cared about lives. 


Exactly. You know the Balkans was broken up. Tell me, who has benefited? Albanians for sure. Have Western interests prevailed? What about the coastline? Who cares about Islamic lives if they are always the props used for the next move into a heartland? Yes. You heard me. 


Most journalists would kill for the knowledge you have. 


No. I don’t have knowledge. I have a sequence of events and certain evidence that suggests a whole range of security scenarios that someone wants me to write about. Either, to end my career or prop it up. Neither particularly helpful if you are trying to make the right decision. 


Perhaps they were trying to help you. 


When I can discern whether or not there is an asset of incredible military value inside the borders of Tigray, I will tell you whether or not I wish to discuss the independence issue. Now please leave me alone. You’ll have to cool those military heels for a bit. 



Is that it? 


It’s a cracker. Moscow and Ethiopia working together within the borders of the darling US child with direct flights to Washington? Hell yeah. Bloody love it. 


I mean, it is background. 


Who cares. Now that my friend, that my friend, that is a taste of a brilliant story. I’m telling you. 8% growth on top of everything else going on? 


I think you just caught your parents having sex. I am not sure everyone needs to know about it. 


You’ve got Chinese factories, sugar, an independence yarn, railway strait to the port, ‘energy pipeline’ to the coast. Popular PM, relocations, a massive new dam, a dead head engineer – shot in broad daylight – new African Union HQ, the UN, young population, Rasta heartland, Christian devotees and divine landscape. The shots would be spectacular. It doesn’t hurt that there are some fine photogenic individuals also around the joint. 


Get your tongue off the floor. 


But if ever there was an opportunity for the Holy child and Rasta 


I thought you were ushering in Marcus for Uncle. 


Multi-talented. Under renumerated. But multi-talented. 


I hear you bled like the Red Sea. Missed your opportunity it would seem. 


Oh not at all. Actually the politics of the Red Sea play into 


No. N-O. One at a time. Alright. Dig around. Present something coherent.


Moi? Cogent agent 99 at your service. 


Everyone just shoulder bump her this week. She’ll think you are African and our lives will be made infinitely more pleasurable. 




Do you think the women are going to make a difference? 


He’s building a bastard wall. have to. 


Is there some security issue I am missing? Is anyone using it for any other reason other than…..fleeing poverty.


Not that I know of. 


Well there has to be be something going on. You don’t build a wall because you want to. teenage boys have been detained and let go.


The usual. 






Imagine those now dependent on the good graces of a new government. How many are we talking worldwide? 


Keep you on the straight and narrow. 


And the tentacles formidable. We’ll be a minority soon. 


Nah. Nothing more pleasurable than keeping the bastards honest. People love it. Keeps them alive. 


Yes but unless it changes policy and this heat is unbearable there is no bloody point. I’d say policy vacuum but I am allergic to it. 




No, a vacuum.




Take it back 


Did anyone hear anything? I swear I heard 


You don’t know anything about Rome or Marcus, we are the tea bag. Not the sugar. Not the honey. The tea bag. 


You know I wonder about a society that likens it women to teabags. Don’t you? 


Cut it out. 


Nothing like a few historical references while you’ve got the British and the Yanks sailing their Perry dingy’s around the joint. Aren’t the Canadians railing against the Huawei bizzo oh quick while i am thinking of it, nice new episode of Pine Gap don’t you think? 


Your point? 


Moi? Nothing. Zeroooooo.


You’ve said zero about Huawei. 


What is there to say? Are we to be surprised that Canadian home owners like selling their houses to foreigners and opening their doors and then wait yes, try to reverse the policy once the power play is in. Funny. It reminds of another country. Somewhere. 


Not funny. 


Oh. My apologies. I wouldn’t dare point out that we are like most, financial mercenaries that enjoy the money but you know, on our terms. 


Look at the onerous loans that most of the world deal with when dealing with the other player. You can’t seriously compare it. It is not going to end well. You are protecting a power that 


That story isn’t finished yet so I am assuming a few more plot developments. I am assuming with the Islamic prisons in the West you have gone with a ‘the Chinese are the Germans’ scenario? Sorry, I seem to think about it in strategic terms. How silly of me. Fancy the Africans dealing with the Chinese. Must be disheartening after all you’ve done for them. 


I am just about sick of your little witticisms 


And I thought I was the tea bag. Are you running the human rights charge against the Chinese arrest? 


Naturally we are and you are the prime individual to benefit you pimply arsed moron because if we don’t fight it any discussion of what they are doing in Africa is going to be bloody difficult for you. Can you even conceive of how normal people have to operate in this landscape? 


I am extremely aware of all that has been done for me. The sex has been exhilarating. 


You don’t seem to understand 


I understand very well. Nothing like legal definitions when debating whether or not to endanger the lovely little folk of Asia. You know, one would have to ask what the Catholics believe in. Filipinos and Mexicans. You know, first they are bastardised by the Spanish, then the Americans, then they exit post haste for wealthy countries so they can actually survive. And then, they await deliberations from lawyers about whether or not they might survive geo-political competition. 


You know you are in no position to judge.


Precisely. But let’s think about it for a moment this week while we’ve parade around with our ‘capability’. Everyone hates Duterte. But I hear him talk a lot of sense. If they stuff it up, like Taiwan, they might have a bit to lose. Something other countries in the region with more favourable geography might think about.


Being a contrarian serves no purpose.


I have to disagree. 

Torch Song Trilogy


Why do you do these things? 


I don’t fuck up with love sweetie. I love long and hard. I mean look at how I have loved. Endlessly. Breathlessly. But I fuck up sometimes. We all do. 


Just try having a bit of consistency. 


What so I can die bored? Have you advised on foreign policy my little James Perse t-shirt? I don’t think so


Know one will ever know or remember you. There won’t be a statue in Belconnen precious. 


And for that we can all be thankful. I’m back already. I wrote this. So that was like four minutes. 


Your rebound ability is….concerning. 




Why aren’t you there? 


Who do I work for? 




Thrusting yourself into geo-political realities without a brief. I want to hang out with the boys and have a baby. Moses. No, Gwyneth has that. Milo Viggo. Hep Milo Viggo? 


A child named after a disease. Excellent. Typical. Oh your Kate….naturally. No ‘Burn.


Joan of Arc syndrome. 


Yes. You have a brief. 


That’s what you all keep inferring but I am not convinced. You want me to be useful but invisible. In a Freddy Mercury sort of way. 


Do you want to be visible and on trial? 


What for? Crimes against fashion? 


Just take your photos and be creative 


Madonna with iPhone. 


Think. Once you’ve seen the Syrians and the Yemenis you’ll actually understanding suffering 


Shut the fuck up. 


We are not asking you to write the definitive history on a country 


No, those military sons of


They don’t have time for Bette at the Baths. 


They need it.


Oh I am sure they do. I’ll be sure to put you on the desert entertainment roster. How about Norway? I hear you like the cold. 


Only because it makes things that are already small that much smaller. Easier to dige


Hiding out here isn’t going to change anything 


I’m not hiding. I’m waiting. 


You’re hiding, like a purple elephant in a sequinned kaftan 


I’m waiting. I’ll wait.


Turns away 




Do you really think calling out Joe is a good idea? 


Magnificent idea. Fat Boy Slim in with the int crowd? Ergh. Imagine if you weren’t me. And you couldn’t do anything about the fact they were stuffing with you. I mean, just imagine that for five seconds. Little bastards. 


You don’t have to imagine actually 


They know me, I know them. They expect it. It is a robust relationship. 




It’s different for me. 


You are almost in another category. A far far away laaa


And what are you going to do to a kid who has stuffed up? We need get these kids out of jail. Not bloody create new crimes. Jesus fucking hell. While some of these twitter Cardinals were getting drunk and whoring I was studying if I remember 


I am not sure Doris, you were 100% Day  


Well Nelson, Tupac, I am not sure your little outfit is 100% clean 


Racial violence isn’t picking Libertine over Celine 


I have to walk in a hundred ugly uncomfortable shoes and you get to have kids and name them something exotic 


Grasps hand If you don’t understand that we are trying to help you 


There are millions of ways to help. You just have to be human and pick the right one. 


Pulls hand and walks away 



So the elections are close




Do you have anything to say


What, other than vote? 


You don’t think 


It isn’t my country 


People need to feel that the world around them reflects them 


The world is a complicate mish mash of people of various ideals and competing aims. Words don’t change lives 


They do 


Really? And people on the ground working hard every day to help someone realise their potential and make their surroundings 


So you think hip hop 


Oh GOD I think I have expressed what I believe to be important and not only that, have tried to be a part of a world that I might never see. Beyond that, it turns into narcissistic demagoguery 


So, what do we need leaders for? 


Are we not done yet? I really really just need a month of pedicures 


You’ve had your beauty fill darling you are maxed out on that score, try again.


What do you want me to say? Investigation takes 


You have it. 


I get tired from the inputs. They are too weird 


Oh so strangers need to talk to you sincerely now 






The mirrors are…odd. Inaccurate. It takes time.


Reality is inaccurate. People in dire circumstances don’t have your time.


Fortress survival isn’t a rave 


Be yourself.


I am myself. 


You’re not going slowly because you are slow 


OK I do things very slowly because every decision I make may be the wrong one. So I prefer to hang out in nature. Have I fulfilled my criteria today? Are the Catholics using this in a manual? 


That’s not something you need to know. 


I really don’t see how everyone knowing my life can add to anything. I’ve kept it as unremarkable as possible. 


And you think this is a strategy? 


Who cares about strategy? 


You do. 


Did. Past tense. 


That is for me to decide. 




It’s none of your fucking business. It is my internal life and it is precious. It is mine. This waves hand this is mine. If you own my movements and my internal thoughts just by the very nature of reflecting them into the world, then you can’t be too concerned with the sacred profane acts of every day. I do not take pictures of a newborn baby without consent and share them with the world.


Unfortunately, you still do not understand what this is about. 


You are right. But I do know, based on this affair, you have the power to claim that everyone is a threat whose personal life is a public issue. And you and I know that is dangerous and wrong.


We’re protecting you. 


Why then does it feel like a violation of all that is sacred? 


You can talk to a few conflict survivors. I am sure they can discuss this with you at length. We’re done. 


Walks out 




Fucking refugee camps 


Oh look Theresa is tired 


What do they do anyway? 


Not today 


Do you think the drug companies fund that shit? 


Oh lord of mercy Saint Theresa has decided to save the great masses 


I wonder how they pick the locale 


As if you would know


The Puerto Rican’s would be so happy about Zika. Zika. then the hurricane. What is God’s name did the Puerto Rican’s do to anyone? 


About the same as retirees in California. 


It makes me feel like one of the blessed. Did you see that kid on St Jude’s? I couldn’t. I swear one day The Holy Goddess of Justice is going to revive those poor bastards on the periphery of America’s grandeur. It is going to sweep them up in its large hands and give them mountains and rivers and gold. Someone is going to look after that tribe. So help me god, it is going to turn. 


They had MINT. 


Starts with the Mother honey. It is all about the Mother. 


How do you know? 


Octavio Paz says so. And I am with him. 





So you’re thinking about it, the genetic editing the editing of the genes, the possibility of injecting my tela – as it were – with something some that alters my DNA the DNA that no-one has asked me for not even slightly asked can we please use this?


No it is an innocent sample not question but


Just a sample


As the tick borne disease ravishes and makes meal of those lured by the shimmering sea


I’d consult a map




Anyway, they’re onto it I mean not me per se but the whole notion of it, the whole attempt to map us so that they can find ways to alter the chromies I mean, it starts with animals it is a good way to start but as to the regulatory nature of the project, the regulation per se it ain’t nothin’ but the railroads and my thought it, my though as good as any, is that they ain’t thinkin’ about us.


Cause let’s think about it.


I mean, if they have autistic schools sittin’ on contaminated old sites and they have schools right next door I mean on top of them schools then I have to say, and there is a right way to say it, they ain’t thinkin’ about us, right?


They’re thinkin’ about the strategic value of strategic assets right near a school helps you know. I mean, you bomb a school and you got a human rights problem so might as well bury that stuff, whatever that stuff be, right near a school under a school and then there it is.


There it is.


They paint the roofs cause I can’t tell you that but I can tell you that because it is all part of the program, all part of the insurance, the international insurance that lets them know, lets them all know, what deep down low black as hell stuff is burning the ground while frozen at this time but the energy that is, the energy later, the potential to blow the shit out of anything.


I dunno. Sounds sort of iffy to me if you were say, doin’ a paper on leadership like they want you to do, to write about being a leader when all the school captains and prefects know about this shit and haven’t said shit about the health repercussions the lungs black and tarred and death becomes them but sure as shit the school captains have said no shit.


Makes no sense.


What is the point of the leadership debating club in the first place? Turned their eyes as quick as they could didn’t bring it to light no did not bring it to light and the same white trash honkies filling those military stockings probably the first to go down with something that science could fix yeah science could fix.


That and rearranging the school playgrounds.


Hey Mum, drop me off would yah?


Yeah, go play near a toxic dump site, you’re gunna love what the army does with those figures!


Right royal 50’s family fun fest that little fucker.


But hey, they iz just white trash honkies and nothing like good old white and back trash to die knowing that they got good money doing the slave shit of some pimped out whore citing the commie threat to get them some Washington skin on skin taut and tight as the muscles of the GI blowing for Jesus.


Get your arse to the Yellow Hordes yeah why don’t you look at what the yellow hordes doin’


Well if you let me do my job I’ll be there in a flash honey but first I haven’t finished with you getting Daddy to buy you all the latest toys while getting enough greenback for the latest iPhone and hiding it all yes hiding it all the legality quite the thing


Oh quite the thing


Because you love legal things oh yes you do Boston Legal, Legal Eagles, Legal Legal and Ginsburg and to think, not a legal thing to be done that’s right you heard me, not a legal thing to be done because you are above it all and in the quiet in the death quiet night this will be discussed by the debate team carefully and slowly not one kid going to the schools seeping through the slick black trash thrown around so we can all drive Hummers through the streets on 4th of July


That’s worth a fuckin’ red blu and white ribbon


I’d curl it but these strange tales got me curdlin’ at the bit


Not sure how the values fold. Catch my drift? I mean, you sure as hell care for the kids now, it sure as hell ain’t year of the kid but as long as you got that GI Joe thing all straight and proper and you got those roofs painted and you got those things buried far underground well, no-one would know now would they?


Oh purely imaginary I mean, you’re not one to discredit anyone


The hallway statues not ones to discredit anyone


Not to stoop that low no


Not to stoop that low.





And it brings me to the word discrimination it is too long it is too refined that word to explain the black and purple hits that no-one sees the unseemly collusion at the heart of extraction because extracting you from your every human DNA is what they are doing oh yes they are


Like a diseased cell they extracting you from what they think to be the very perfect model of a model citizenship


Except they didn’t ask me in the democracy what that model of democracy was


Which means it ain’t.




Societal flagellation blood and bruised there ain’t no-one to pick you up when these grey behind the sceners decide they want you out


Or bleedin’


And I can thank my lucky stars the compassionate middle class look elsewhere concerned that they don’t want a scene an ugly scene and that would be hard for them to articulate


The meanness of it all


But they live in nice houses so


It is all just peachy.



Well it just came down on me


I mean just fell about me


The meanness of it, the unrelenting stupidity of it all


Meaningless conversations, unrecognised acts, selfish little pricks looking on while they tear it apart but mostly


really mostly


That there was no-one.


it didn’t fucking matter because they could keep doing sheer acts of bastardry bastards


And no-one will say shit.


So I had my moment. Fell about heaving sweat and vomit in the utter vileness of it all


The utter ugliness of it, the sawn off ripped apart bitch of it


You were a piece of trash and they could fuck with you whenever they liked


Not one fucking Catholic capable of coming to the party


Not one so called independent journalist fighting the good fight


No, they were spectators in your misery and they did not give a shit.




These are the people handed the keys to rule the world


Not to be fucking trusted.



Oh but they want to save you


Don’t save me please


All infantile maliciousness


I don’t want your saving.


Besides, you’ll only find a reason not to save someone else so


I am not sure we can be friends.


You’re too busy looking cool


For me to bother really.



What the fuck goes through these people’s head


Fuckin’ nothin’.



How can a person be a leader with fricatives?


Sure as shit male Presidents have sworn like wild turkeys


Didn’t expose that did you


No you did not.


Just us the little chick handed the chalice of turdom


And the important men still airbrushing their grubby little misadventures


Baffin Bay fuckers


Like you’re gunna get away with that.



Cuomo is gunna study why the cancer rate is so high


Chortle chortle


Oh that’s funny


Real funny


Nothin’ at all to do with the buildings near the river


Oh god no




How could that possibly be


I’d throw some money at the problem


And cover that shit up.

Ah Ms Savage


Ah Miss Savage, back from the tropics.


Is that meant to be funny? 


Good to see you’ve tempered that irrational urge to verbally accost poor long suffering DSD 


Don’t they get paid to listen in to my witty 


Not what we call them.


Oh, yes I guess those that are busy obfuscating the link between


You haven’t convinced me that  


Do you want me to colour in the maps where cancer clusters occur 


You haven’t collated the statistics yet 


No. I’ll just visit them in the beautiful corridors 


Oh dear. Not the State again


Yeah, you know the one that fails to investigate paedophilia in its own hallways but manages to give out Walkley’s to journalists that investigate it in a Church. The difference being that the Church is trying to be accountable. Our Democracy Mormon Door Knockers aren’t. How much did our poor darling little boys get for their toys this year? 


As you know, until ships can be built out of recycled paper 


But I though that is what the military was for! Innovation. Advanced capability. 


I thought you decided we were an autocracy 


I don’t think the people are in control of the State, if that is what 


Social media has proven a 


A boon for military technology


Not always. Social behavioural 


A wonderful little diplomatic foot solider is going to do a documentary in 60 years telling us how horrible it was. Oh big fucking Walkley there. 


Are we in Canberra or Washington? 


Doesn’t matter does it? 


I thought you were all about China


I thought you had some morals 


You don’t seem the least bit interested 


And who am I going to talk to? The walls? The last idiot I spoke to in Washington practically spat at me 


He probably didn’t like fricatives 


Oh but behavioural experiments 


It is not your business 


It is my business. Whatever you do, those dodos in my part of the world will follow your dumb arse lead 


They don’t actually 


What?! South East Asia? India? They do whatever they bloody please! 


What would you know 


The last month has had me down with Lyme some bloody invented infectious disease where did that come from and what are you using it for? The immune systems response to…and 60 off my bloody dog!


Your poor dog.


What is with the cancer centres?


So glad you can join our biomedical conversations with so much knowledge 


If I so much as get a whiff that anyone has died because you idiots thought it was more important to scrape something into a Petri dish than save a life 


Science has always tested the limits 


What with prisoners and prostitutes that weren’t even told what they were injected with! Jesus almighty 


You don’t know what the rules are because you don’t know enough about this subject


I won’t even start about the Army fucking me over in the mountains or the fact that I dare say a few of those bloody 


You don’t know that.


That’s right. I don’t I’ll have to work it out my bloody self because you bought all the intelligence crew off!


I think you should calm down and think about your subject


Oh that’s really nice that’s 


I no longer can follow what you are 


What are you going to say to those kids when they grow up without parents because 


I don’t think that pollution has yet be proven to 


Oh I bet if China does it, it will be considered an international disgrace. 


It must be overwhelming coming from a small country and they are not malign, you misunderstand what we are


A small country a small


You’re wrong, people do listen, you just have it all arse up as per usual 


And I am being accused of being AWOL when pollies have been AWOL for years!


That’s not true 


If I find out that the Democrats had an opportunity to save people’s lives with environmental legislation and voted against it, I am going to town. 


Good luck. Just beware of falsely accusing people when 


You practically signpost everything you do to each other so stop pretending that revealing information is a big fucking deal. You live off the sensitive information you swap


We are trying to save you


You are not trying to save me. You are trying to discredit me so your lover or your child some idiot can rise up the ranks and look like a cocksucking brown nosed idiot 


That is not true actually, you are doing yourself a grave dis 


And do not try that man bites dog crap. Democracy dies in the darkness. Oh you make me puke


Oh…Could you be a bit more pleasant? There are factors here


Before or after you put me in a sauna and I die childless you puss-pussied wormhole 


Oh for goddsaake…


Eight years you 


hope you can make a lightweight t-shirt out of it for the Syrians 




Yes. For a minute there one might have had the strange sensation that you were above grubby politics. Good that you still have a modicum of self-awareness. Remember. We have the tapes. 


Oh blow it out your arse. It’s not the fucking Rose Garden 


No. Quite. 


A Paltry Toad


Gleaming white buildings. The new museum at the end of the road.


The light. It was the light. Drawn to it I guess. Walking up and down, the big white building but mostly the sky.


A plane. Jets across the sky, white streams and the orange pitch of late afternoon. Vastness, the vastness of the sky


The airforce. Is this preoccupation real or imagined? She is never sure. Possibly on occasion she has been, to be sure, flighty. The flight. The white flight. To fly. Peter Pan.


Ah fuck Peter Pan. She didn’t believe in that crap, always some old bag trying to make you feel inferior like somehow you didn’t get it, when in fact you always got it which is why you went so hard for fuckssake.


Dodos. What they needed to be told was to drop dead, hunched old Happy Feet buzzards coming mostly to mind


Manipulating agents. Fuck me.


What was being protected wasn’t a bunch of kids who grew up in the era of employment contracts.


Strangely defensive of the generation if you can defend a generation


Yeah. A soft one. Just kids.


A certain calm descended when the capitals hit. Nerves AWOL. MIA. Sort of always feels like where she is meant to be.


No clue.


Puts on her clothes.


Looks away. Sighs.


I guess that was why she liked it. Wasn’t sure.


Stops. Looks in the mirror.


Barnaby wondering how the proverbial hit the fan when the signs were there in black and white baby.


Black and white.


No subtleties there.


You built a mine near a thoroughbred farm for fuckssake. Jesus.


These people are morons.




Bloody idiots.


Looks away.


Witch hunt out of control without any of the subtleties of real life.


Held to account.


And just who was going to be holding who to account.


Matter of opinion.




You can’t say that there doesn’t need to be more ethical and moral


Depends on who is defining the moral 


But it is clear


Nothing ever has been clear


Rule of law and ethical concerns are of paramount import in cleaning up politics


It’s an inside game. Every revolution


But what about the casinos and development in other countries that


I wasn’t suggesting they don’t need cleaning up. They do! But how many people actually care about the flotsam hanging at the bottom of the tree


That is just upper middle class tripe


How about you try


If you cause more trouble than you are worth


That’s the way. Knock us all off. Especially the ones who are trouble. You’d get together and knock us off if you had half the chance. Do it by other means regardless


It is how you respond to the adverse circumstances


Good. Then the State will participate in a Hunger Games type job qualification regime? Sounds glorious


You don’t think we haven’t been


I don’t think job insecurity is your bag, sorry.


There are pressures


No-one deserves constant harassment you perforated pungent pile of corpuscular camels piss


Lovely. Then I suggest you


If people are going to harass you eventually you will turn the tables and there will be consequences


Not very Christian


There are a few theologies running around the place not just Christianity


Oh so you can change religions to suit the argument


Sounds to me like a political twitter debate. Sure.


Well I am not sure you are going to pull it off.


The only thing I wish to pull off is sanity


You bloody well haven’t been descreeminated against Meryl


Don’t you tell me


Sounds to me you are trying to justify


No! I am simply saying, violent manipulation via subtle means produces exactly …..anyway I am tired and I


Oh poor Martha. You’re just struggling because struggling makes you feel alive, buying time until the next fabulous idea drops and you work your way back onto that glorious stage to the sound 


Get out!


Pushes roughly against him 


Closes door trembling





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