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Aunty As Atticus: and Scout.



Why do we die in custody? 

Oh because some people think everyone should live and be like them. And that’s a bad idea. 

How do you stop it? 

Oh you don’t arrest people for minor things or put them in a position where they have drunk alot and then lock them up. Depression hits after alcohol. Don’t ever make a decision oh never mind. 

Why do they get arrested? 

Well I don’t know. But rules can be arbitrary. Generally it should be last resort. You’re lucky you aren’t in the US.


They kill people in jail. Don’t ask. You don’t want to know. 

But why? 

Oh Jesus. Um, well because it is a bad idea. And if you are poor and black or white trash, you might have more of a chance of being locked up. And then, gonski. No kidding. For real.

Are you a progressive? 

In some things. 

Do you like black people more than white people? 

No. I like people to be equal. 

Except you. 

Oh that’s the reward for a big heart. My sister had a bigger heart. You get more responsibility. 

Is that true? 

We would like it to be true. It should be true. Generally, it is true. I think. 

Can you love everyone? 

Yes. You can. 

Will the death penalty be forever? 

Not if I am in charge. 

Can it change? 

There are changes. Young people come in. Ocasio that girl.. You know. 

If people die in custody, why doesn’t it stop? 

I am not sure. Alcohol. Depression. I don’t know. I am not with them darling. 

Why not?

Because I am a white person up my own arsehole with self importance. 

(looks concerned) 

Sorry. I mean… because I chose something else. Bigger. 



Nothing what? 


Do you think we need a treaty? 

Oh darling. I think that is for you to determine. sighs But yes. To not recognise you is… mean. It is mean. It is changing. People like you are changing it. 

Will it be forever? 

laughs Yes. Forever. Yes. Although some African independence movements


Nothing. Let’s get a slice of gluten free nut cake shall we? Sure to whet the appetite. I really desire a gluten free nut cake. Just salivating thinking about it. 


I am Evelyn Waugh 

Grasping onto 

The glorious historical 


All romance and whimsy 

Shaking it for all might 

To savour 

In case 

It don’ come back at all 


Brown pale thrust 

Upright brushes and galing winds 

Clouds forming overhead 

Shades of the green 

Nursing slats 

Light on the 



Salt caked flaxed 

Strawberry blonde 

Against a blue metal frame 






And legs up 

Against the post 

Doin’ nuthin’ 

But watching the sky 

Move against 

Busted ground 



Makin’ up me own 


That may not have 

Existed at all 

Holding on 

Gathering the material 

That makes it 

Back whole 


It was like that with her 


Seeing the magic 

Where maybe 

There was none 


Not realising 

That when she was gone 

So too was that


The sense we were 


In some way 


Now I keep 

Trying to grab something 

Case it’s gone 



Waugh like 


I’ll wrap something around it

Caress the unknown 

And make it 



Throw it into the light

And make them 



Bet they 

Could tell you 

Just how they looked 

When it happened 

All at once 

Thanks Esme.

Yeah, so I was called Albert Speer the other day. 

I mean, not out but you know, just casually like, in a conversation, like ‘get to work with the design + architecture and stuff’.

The best bit was the follow up, 

I said, what do you mean? 

I mean, because really I did think I just misunderstood. 

Well he said, ’the alternative not being nice.’

Like what I said? 

‘Like being shot.’

Yeah, that was the fucking icing on the cake. Not just mushroom clouds in your coffee but you know, the allusions that if I don’t get back to work, I could be shot. 

These are the guys that have promoted Yankeeville, under the cover of guise, that are still on the payroll and have spent a lifetime calling out the Nazi’s for running concentration camps – fucking Oscars for that shit – and they are threatening me over a phone line to get back to work or I would be shot. 

Oh you’re a fucking genius. 

Australia you’re standing in it. 

Too fucking right there. 


Nah, it gets better than that. 

God’s honour. 

The very same phone call, the very same human, says ‘well you can accuse me of many things, but I am always nice to everyone’

Seriously, this dickhead must think I am living on a planet in Shitsville or something because this guy spends most of his time gossiping about people and taking them down. 

‘Yeah, if that is the case why do you bastards spend most of your time bitching about powers that are not in your orbit?’ 

Like Russia, dopey. 

Or should we publish the Twitter feed? Cause that’s really complex stuff and worthy of our time. 

‘They are idiots. We hate them.’

Oh fuckin’ goodonya. 

Must have pissed someone off because a phone call like that pretty much lets you know about the crowd they are rolling with. 

It sure as shit ain’t my crowd. 


I thought the men loving men thing was sort of over in the town. 

Apparently not. 

Can talk about each other in glowing terms all fucking day. 

‘Your brother is so amazing’

Oh, get a room. 

If I don’t get to call a deceased male war hero Albert Speer or Ana I am seriously going to call in the Female Cops. 


I am always nice to everyone. 

These boys are having a good tug. 

Rack off. 

You just play dirty while getting money from big powers and then get awards!

Don’t fucking start me today.


When I am re-birthed, so help me God I will make money from talking myself up and pissing on the little kids while talking Fair Go Australia.

Who makes these people? 

Moral discussion on AI is clearly AWOL. 

So that’s handy. 

Wait, let me guess. 

You are Morally Clean and Able while destroying someone else. 


That’s some fucking balls. 

Can’t wait for them to spend hours talking about Freeing Julian Assange.

‘Ah Dickhead, didn’t you ring me and threaten me the other day?’


So, I just lay down in the Sun. 

Plopped myself on the balcony and soaked that shit up. 

Fuck ‘em Joe. 






Why hello my hardworking illuminator of the struggles of the poor. What are those tedious phrases you like to use? Ducks in a row, soldiers – what is that again? 


You mean words that humans 


Ah, humans that believe in having access to one’s memory and mind, remember. Let’s not use the word ‘human’ lightly. That would presume ethics and morality. I’m not sure we can make a run on that just yet. Anyway as luck would have it


As luck would have it 


I was fishing around the Lombardy region yesterday. 


Not physically of course


No, of course. That would violate these stringent new governmental laws that stop us fishing around doing our job that journalists seem to think just marvellous, so marvellous in fact I think I might create a new banner for the Washington Post. ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’. Ha, wouldn’t that be grand?  


Just grand 


No, I mean cyber-fishing, not like Vietnam and China of course. 


Of course. 


Yes, not like that. Now the Russians went in with tanks in Bergamo. Tanks, can you believe it? 


Yes, tanks. 


Well I was just wondering. Tanks. From Russia. In Bergamo. Now what could be in Bergamo? In those tanks. 




Oh yes, silly. Of course, the pandemic that has everyone racing to set up beds and medical facilities and vaccine research and something about saving lives although let us not forget there are a few people dying of HIV in Africa but let’s be frank. White lives matter a bit more. Except when we need territory anyway oh why again is this a pandemic and HIV isn’t? 


This is cross border and the speed at which 

Oh yes, of course. The speed. Anyway, can you believe that the Chinese were in Italy just prior to the break out in fact just at the beginning and now, well it seems the Russians and trucks are needed. Yes, the Chinese were there just prior. Matteo didn’t want to meet them of course. 


Hedging bets. 


Yes, hedging bets. 


Now did you know that Chicago and Louisiana and North Tasmania and the strangest of places seem to be hit by this damn crisis. 


This damn crisis. 


And a Ruby Princess in Illawarra. 


A Ruby Princess. 


Well I never. Ruby, of course. Always, ruby. 


I never did. 


So…. you know the strong government and all and Rubio and stuff. 


No. I don’t. 


I mean, quick question, if let’s say you were trying to formulate some sort of nationalist agenda, isn’t it a bit strange that China and Russia would be in Europe? I mean, the assistance has been cross border. Cross country really. 


Yes. Cross country. 


Yes, so it will prove very difficult to run some sort of nationalist agenda later, no? 


Where are we heading with this? 


Oh, nowhere. I was just posing questions. You know, a light in the darkness and all that. Bridge Over Troubled Gin as it were. 


Water is what people need. What have you got for me Mary of Hallowed Ground? A sprinkler from Bunnings? 


Oh no, I delivered on that. There’s water everywhere. No, I just wanted to be sure that before people start using hackneyed terms and using plot lines from the past, that we established that clear lines that prove once again your logic is completely shot to pieces. 


Shot to pieces. 


Yes. And you know, that you can’t actually do what you want to do. 


What do we want to do? 


Oh, I don’t know. Ducks and things. I mean, you can’t. 


We can’t. 


Well, no. 


Hmm. How about you go out and explain clearly to the populace what it is that you think we want to do and I’ll tell you whether we want to do it? 


You’re not having a bloody recession to start with!


We’re not? 


You’re not. You’re just doing it because that is what happened in the past. You’re doing it because you don’t have the imagination to do something else. You are talking it up so people behave like robots!


I see. 


You think that is the only way you can get people to give service to the State, so you create this ridiculous situation whereby I see young people talking like robots. They actually believe this rubbish. 


Maybe they believe in working for something 


They don’t know what they believe! They are too young to know what to believe!  What are they going to believe? That countries should be shut down 


You’ve run away with this without asking the questions. We may not even be headed 


They believe in cyber bullying, they believe that might makes right, they believe 


According to who 


Who has defended me against your bullying? You have totally given up the mantle of defending the oppressed 


Oh bullshit, just because we are 


Don’t come near me with that ‘democracy dies in darkness’ bullshit. I’m about to take one of those phones you all spy with and smash it 


Oh, now we’re finding spying a problem, that is a surprise, considering Ms Gin, 


Don’t do it. 


Do what? 


Whatever it is that you’re not telling us. 


Why don’t you find out what that is and we can have this discussion again? 


You’re going the wrong way. 


Until the facts are clear, we can’t debate it. 


And at the moment you have the radio full of stupid propaganda 


Ease up. Not all programming is COVID. 


Incredible. In the eighties we have Benetton ads. Now we have puppets discussing military civilian responses to crisis. 


Get out and do the work. 


I’ll impose legislation before you can change it. 


Go on. 


I will. Just you wait! 


Go on Ali! We’re right behind you. Kick that door down with your Zen chutzpah!


The only thing you are able to do is post dickhead Instagram posts about how great you are at a task people having been doing for a Millennium. Baking a damn cake! Get out of my way before I set up a legal tribunal detailing 


Oh sure, go right ahead Rita! Prove we’re wrong! It is the patriarchy, no doubt 


I’ll give them a turntablist lesson in Hip Hop advocacy! Vossi Bop. The only Vossi Bop has been a bunch of idiots using their platform to ignore massive issues that they are incapable of addressing. That is, not able. As in, not re, not new, not able! 


Go get ‘em tiger! You got us on the hook!


They didn’t and haven’t said shit about water in their own damn country! 


You’re so right! 


Oh shut up.  




Storms out


Shakes his head. Sighs. Serious for a moment. 

I’m just here outside ANSTO

What a wonderful delight

Saving the world you see 

With an Opal Reactor 


It is all about nuclear medicine, can’t you see? 


Oh that rare earths agreement 

Just a small timely thing

I mean seriously, of course we can

Yeah China might have the run 

It was good to allow them 

To take the environmental tonne, 


Oh we’re an ambitious little Australia

Cocky in our lot 

No need to tell anyone what’s going on

We’re Rome on the run, 


Nothing like a Western Sydney Wanderer

To make us feel important 

We are the sun


When history has forgot us 

Or when we’ve turned away from those small inconsequential facts 

I know deep down

You’ll unmask the lot 

So principled 

And proud 



And when the quiet reveals 

How you scrubbed aside the 


How you carelessly 


Your place was more important

Than anything 


Then we’ll see

What rule you claim to 


I sure as shit hope 

You’ve got some money 

For the sick. 




Isn’t it funny

They can publish newspapers 

As clearly lined 

As a modernist dream

But twixt them 



Anything that counters real power

Ain’t anywhere to be seen.




There is a thought

That as you get older

You’ll swarm closer to the 

Engines of power

And through wisdom 

Somehow know 

What is right and wrong 

But ultimately 

What happens is the fight goes 

The desire for friendship greater


The estates wither 

And then damn those 

That aren’t 

Holding the line. 




I think the rage is 

That the fix is in 

That you cannot 

Change your circumstance

Although they claim 

That all are equal 


Even in the republic chime 

Are people who have benefited from 

Relationships that propelled them 

To power 

And it is this 

That is the grist 

That makes me green 


Because for all that equality propaganda 

Are people that owe all their success 

To privilege and connections 


So spare 






And what would it matter 

If I railed and roiled 

It is not business of yours 

I am not your fucking donut 

A piece of dough to raise and diminish 

When you feel fit


You have diminished me so many times 

And I have not forgotten 


You’d better be careful 

If I decide 

To use all my energy 

To reduce you to 





I can’t help it if you bore me 

You sort of do 

The lectures have been interminable 

Sort of like 

A parsons lunch 

The bastard place 

Is lousy with great stuff 

You run around being fabulous 

And here I am 

Sitting in a house 



The conversations over the years 

Have been the equivalent 

Of horseshit being tipped over 

A face 




I think it is time 

For you to get it back.



I’m a worker you see

I lovely little worker

I work so hard 

Let me tell you hard I work 

I mean how hard I work 

I am just such a hard worker 

So busy 



Maybe if you told those 

That don’t have a job 

How great they can be

And stopped talking about how hard you work 


We wouldn’t call you 

A bunch of aggrandising tossers 

People have always worked 

You didn’t invent 






Um Jared Diamond 

Comes to mind 

Can I go hard 

On the biological stuff 

Because it seems to me that yes 

That would be something 

That would 

Warrant a big bloody 





African Swine Flu? 

Now what could be 

At the centre of that. 

What a 





A fruitcake? 


They never got it those boys 

Still don’t 

Didn’t see 

The huge gap in their perception 

And ours 



And crew

Should tread carefully 

When trying to define 

Someone we saw

As absolutely 



Beautiful and luminous 

A bona fide star

That was flesh and blood. 


Her tantrums 

A reaction to 

Byzantine plots 


You see 

The human when sensing 

Rightly or wrongly 

That they are 

A piece on a 

Chess board 

Will react like a wild



Like Schoenaerts Mustang 


It is the animal instinct that kicks in 

Sensing that somewhere 


Danger or even

Just flagrant disrespect 


And I can imagine 

What prisoners feel 

It was like that 

For her



They learnt a lesson





And yet they continue 

To discuss 

Prisoner rehabilitation 

While allowing others 

To treat people 




Let’s just say 

I don’t react well 

To it 

As a notion 

And that’s 

The kind version. 








I’ve got a podcast and a very important podcast it is too




It’s me!


I’m back from the dead and we’re so alive


The world is so alive


Um let’s see


“We all hate Trump.’


Yeah next. That one has had a good run.


‘Russians die in a submarine’


Well, maybe maybe not. Let’s just take that one as it comes.


Well ergh I thought I would interview some experts and as the experts say complete rubbish, I am going to be the expert. S.


That’s right.


I am presenter, expert, producer and content writer. Of my fabulous little podcast show.


Oh, first a song.


‘I love barfing in the toilet


What a lovely way


To show me your looooovvvvveeeee


I love barfing in the toilet


You must be very big and strong’


Actually. That’s not it.


Here it is.


Oh please let me know if I am being too loud


OOHHHHHH I haaaveee a lovely set of tonsssssiiiilllllsssss








I think there was a little agreement




I think there was a little agreement


A tiny weeny little agreement


Between the tiny weeny little peeenies


Of Imran and Donnie




They had a meeting


They had a meeting


It’s a very contentious place


Three of them


No four


If you count the US-A of PRAY


 and Paaakistan and India


Lines in the sand


Well we’ve just sorted it out


And we do it very privately




Well just because


Because we like to have very quiet meetings


About things that matter


And it gets all sorted out


My how things change!


My how things change!


I must leave the cigar room now




They’re having a little meeting










Oh we’re nothin’ at all


We’re nothin’ at all




Just decided


In the teeeny weeny






And it just so happens


In the very same week


Syria rebels forces departed


Now what does that say






But there is this thing


Called the corridor


Wonder what happens






Be careful


Cause you think you might be winning…….


But Aunty gets it all




Aunty gets it all.


(Well, with a little benevolence towards other depleted folks, she dispenses wisely, what style, what charm, what power!)




Knock yourself out


She gets it




(But I’d like to access to the tapes, do you mind?)




If Derry doesn’t want a divided Ireland and America is outraged by the mass shootings, what is the scenario with Libya, Turkey; the INF withdrawal, the missile statements from  Pompeo and Yemen bombings? 

There is no link

Right so, when I discuss these things, how is it different say, from a reporter or a commentator or an analyst at a think tank? Let’s say, people view them as stoking certain current international positions. Will they be viewed as pariahs? 

Well, Trump is getting a caning

Yes. But that hasn’t changed policy, has it? I mean, when I have tried to change policy – or when people enter politics, isn’t that effectively trying to bring about an end to situations or alleviate the plight of people who are voiceless? 


So when I say that the lack of water in certain countries as a result of policy means that it is imperative that people in Africa find ways to make sure that they have access to clean and reliable water sources, how likely is that? 

Well, I am not sure 

Because at the end of the day, rulers have to be making decisions that make lives better not harder for the constituent. 


Right. So when I – out of my sense of service – look at whether or not water sources are clean, is that not a ruler being effective and compassionate about the subjects that rely on my good judgment? 

Yes, I would say yes of course

Good. That is all I wanted to hear you say. So, make clean water in Africa more reliable and make sure the people have it. 

Well the rivers 

I can’t see how you can say yes to plants and factories and other industrial items and not think about whether or not the clean water sources will affect people locally. I mean, their health. 

There are many programs 

Good. Because that is what I want and that is what I wanted to hear. Great work. Keep going. I’d like that an immediate result to be implemented….immediately. Clean water and sources accessible now. And some start up fund lot can make sure that it happens. I don’t want to see people lining up for water in a drought ravaged river. Or toxic water in community situations. 

How is this linked to the international situation that you 

Oh. Well. I just want to know why being outspoken or concerned with health issues is derided. I thought it might be best to keep going while I can. 

You have chosen some pretty powerful people to argue with 

I don’t see them as the enemy.

Well I would say 

How do you propose we deal with surveillance? Modify behaviours? Turn into robots? What is your belief here

That we be careful of what we say when 

How can a satellite determine the difference between theatre, satire and reality? It cannot. Only humans can. Therefore humans know when I am behaving to violate intimidating censorship and when I am performing. Only humans. 

What if they have no sense of humour? 

The satellites or the humans? 

Obviously huu

Then, they are serious about the issues of State. I see no point in it. Not a good PR exercise. 

But they do not have to absorb poor behaviour by the citizen. 

Of course they do. They are the State. The power quotient is uneven therefore the stronger set must endure as they are the larger force. The individual is not plankton to be picked off for amusement. 

Coming from you 

I was on a floor. Fourth time. Poisoned. I have not ever made it public until last month. Don’t tell me about amusements. 

Your fricatives have frankly 

If you work with incredible power on your side, you wear it. Surely they knew the consequences. 

Probably not. 

If they don’t wear it, they are the Mafia. 

There is a middle ground


A Compendium of Thoughts on Chaos and The Land Between Seas. That We Live On.

While you’re listening to the Royal Commission into Child Abuse currently running in NSW, spare a thought for people dealing with the images coming out of Syria.
Pretty gruesome although I do not necessarily agree with the axiom ‘you can’t say you didn’t know.’
Viewing images is one thing. Being certain of the perpetrator is quite another. Especially thousands of miles away.
The Balkan wars had their own agendas and necessary tragedies and I am not sure anyone well versed in international conflict is going to wade in other than to condemn – again – the endless suffering of innocent civilians.
The Fourth Estate has often used tragedy as a way to: inform others re: global conflict, depict suffering, or marshall support for a cause. The problem being that war images are rarely without inherent strategic ‘agendas’.
The UN is currently investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Russia disagrees.
Whether or not this is a ‘Western’ agenda or a human rights agenda isn’t exactly clear, as the war has been framed either as a war on extremists or a war between proxy powers. (The West v Russia/China. See Brzezinski.)
This strategic alignment might be clear vis a vis a the North Korean situation/South Korea’s THAAD deployment, but a little less so when determining the rationale for Trudeau’s/ASSK’s/Obama’s Chinese visits.
The point being: do journalists wish us to pressure the UN, boycott Russia, find ISIS, or launch an investigation into Western bombing thus pressuring US and aligned powers?
After all, I was under the assumption that that was precisely why we sent journalists to the Middle East.
Showing us images of carnage doesn’t inform us but often helps expedite already agreed upon foreign policy decisions. (See My Lai and the American withdrawal from Vietnam.)
Perhaps if the 4th Estate was a little more transparent about what they do know, we could both do their job for them and stop the conflict. Without the guilt trip.
It is war porn.
And don’t forget it.
Australia is currently in the midst of political debate regarding Chinese political donations to major parties and politicians, with a slew of reports detailing Chinese influence on our pollies. Alongside those reports, came more revelations on cyber hacking by foreign elements and a security conference in Canberra.
Large donations by US or Western companies haven’t had the same focus – but the EU has Apple in its sights, so perhaps Josh Earnest was only stating the obvious when he inadvertently referred to America’s economic interests in the Asia-Pacific.
(Perhaps real estate prices for Australia’s Y Gen are the real issue but there was a government inquiry into that.)
Meanwhile, there was a blast at the Chinese embassy in Tashkent (or was it Bishkek?) which might sort of be similar to the Chinese Serbia scenario years ago or maybe not.
And for those of you sick of ‘Chinese’ or ‘American’ interests – 18C is being debated in Parliament. As well as a plebiscite on gay marriage.
Perhaps the Donald Trump distraction tool has reached its used by date.
So OB is off to Laos and China. Kick arse temple decoration in the former. I hope he flies into Luang Prabang. Takes a trip down the Nam Ou. Sticky rices the hell up.
Anyway, Laos was the backdoor for American bombs in the Vietnam War, so the turn around in American policy continues apace.
I am allegedly meant to insert smarmy comments here but I’ll instead focus on the trends in APEC and ASEAN policy making and ask the question: is this unexpected? Does this accord with other decisions in these regional bodies?
Ah the bigger picture.
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