I dunno about you, but the string of pearls is lookin’ mighty interestin’ at the moment ain’t it? 


Just a few riots in Sri Lanka. 


They liked the Presidential kitchen. Good. They can stay there. We doin’ other things. 


Personally I did not think it was a good look and of course snore bore they think we are going to talk about debt trap diplomacy. 


It’s sort of like Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise but this time they say it is China but really I don’t know. 


I think China just builds it all and then we walk on in with a bag.


Not a good idea to discuss this in the matter of the Black Sea or with Fancy Nancy Pelosi who has decided that Taiwanese strategic ambiguity is not like Bowie and totally doable but necessary to cast off like children in the night. 


Tilda. Take note. 


To the matter of the Sea where Turkey sits like a nightclub bouncer making sure that only what they let through can come though givin’ Yelensky – the man who single handedly has revived the fortunes of olive green – more ammo to complain about the lack of willpower to save Western Democracy or everything Yellow and Blue. 


To the issue of the Black Sea – where they have decided that wheat can come through according to a late but necessary desire not to starve millions of people, not a great PR look on any given Friday given the bollocking they gave Stalin over the years, Muriel is now taking a look at those rivers that creep up through parts of Europe like a bare leg on a hot summers night. 


Never noticed it before but now that DOPEY has decided to go all Franz with his NATO mates – sledging your fellow countrywoman abroad for the second time possibly coming in a close second only to Ike Turner and Jeff Kennett. 




Freddy would not. 


The Northerners did this. Giving you a live update as to where the hell everyone might be getting whatever they need whenever they want. 


Back to the Black Sea, the question begs if Turkey is running around as the henchman of Montreaux, what in actual fact is happenin’ at these Ports? 


As in, if the UKKA Ports are down how they goin’ to get the grain out? 


Well like that.


Timmy tug boat, not some BFO destroyer doin’ the job so those maritime budgets were worth it. 


They are busy doin’ more exercises in the summer heat, ‘cause as you know navies really do not get enough of good climates and water. 


Or to put it simply, a totally legit loaded radar a necessary  accomp to find out where in these European seas the proverbial is currently underway.


Muriel thinks that the situation of gas pipelines makes everything a little more complicated than might actually be stated as actual fact at the moment, you know, Europe still suckin’ the teat of Russia like glycolic and retinol on heat. 


I will not mention it again. 


But to be fair, if you have the Sea of Azov, the Marmara and the Med, well, that’s a lot of ocean. 


See that? That is called not talking about what everyone might be talkin’ about that might be really important and if DOPEY had not been an idiot I could give you more of a concise summation of the FLOCK at play. 


That is, I’d prefer more information. As it were. Rupert. 


But never mind, as per usual the development of a rich tapestry dedicated to the strategic shifts will not depend on White Boy And Attitude but someone whose personality is not helicoptered in on a Lacoste shirt at a party on the Med while wistfully looking at bait he cannot and should not touch.


I am Muriel and I am here to help.