So as you know, we are in the middle of the 1868th reiteration of ‘let me show you of how I can land on a beach using my big muscles’ campaign.


This is an extraordinarily dangerous episode of ‘How Big Is My Navy’ and can mean multiple navies who all like cheap goods but not China get together and parade their ships around.


They also do things with very expensive helicopters and things under the sea that no-one can know about. 


Even those monocled morons who totally stuffed WW1 and led to thousands of Australians getting together on a beach in Turkey are making waves via ships and training blonde good looking people called Ukrainians, who have a thing with the Russkies at the moment that generally is not a Euro maiden concert or even a Zelensky vogue photo shoot. 


Mitch McConnell helps this along buy basically givin’ em millions after brushing his teeth in the morning once again proving that grey old men from the bank can still hand out money for a weapon like it is sprinkles on a piece of bread and we can all pretend we do not know where they are or where they are going or how they get there. 


Boy you should check out the list. 



To be fair, Russia is still poundin’ em via a few hits beggin’ the question of how this can happen when NATO and the Western Forces of Incredible Capability have more space capability than we would like to admit again forcing us to ask WTF many times or WTFIGO or ‘How Late Is That Moral.’


Maybe they have decided that tanks are makin’ a comeback and it is true that Charlie Flynn thinks they are a great idea but Murials scant and obviously thin knowledge of army planning wonders if they aren’t just a massive waste of time and space when you could just do a shit load from the air. 


Some people with actual trainin’ have suggested that this would lead to a escalation of activities something that has passed Nancy by this week because she believes that it is clearly an excellent idea to wade into that this week as China and Taiwan also flex their muscles. 


We’re only talkin’ about a major global shit-fight so you know, it’s not like everythin’ matters.


Zelensky has broken bread with the Russkies on some shippin’ issues but to be fair, there is still the small matter of bombin’ and people with no limbs. 


It’s not a red velvet rope or even a Beyoncé photo shoot so she’s lookin’ forward to people relayin’ just how fun it is in 35 degree heat one day. 


The old crowd know exactly what I am talkin’ about as they have actually been to a rodeo before but to be fair, unless you are in the situation room with some very serious people your idea of what is actually goin’ on will be minimal. 


Or in a bunker typin’.



I’m not so happy with Archie and Ruby goin’ down.


No, I am not. 


It’s like the Shia-Sunni thing or the Palestinian thing or the ‘we’re a poor marginal country’ thing. 


You know it just doesn’t make me so happy about it all.


Cause you were sort of hopin’ that that lot were gunna make longer this Century.


I dunno.


Not the Sunday readin’ I was hopin’ for Franky. 


I just thought it would be different now. 


You feel me? 


I got me a little chubby black boy and god knows, he’s worth all the gold in the world. 


I just thought it would be different. 


That’s all. 




Meanwhile, Mitch and the boys are just runnin’ that stuff through. 


It gets better though because Ukrainia was the seat of the Russkies defo action for decades but now is Western aligned so has some infrastructure predicated on the old Soviet imprint but now FOB Western stuff and China used to buy their avionic brilliance and this has all coalesced into Russkies bombin’ targets in small little villages in Ukrainia where once people lived and now it is like a vacant amusement park.


No-one on the streets and quiet as hell and people shaded by large things that dissuade the Russkies from doin’ anythin’ stupid.


It’s not a Bergdorf sale. 


The relocation of masses of people at the end of the day amongst designer shops and new buildins’ that reflect somethin’ else around the corner far from the front line, you have to wonder what will emerge from it. 


Someone knows. 


Be good to know. Wouldn’t it.


Europe in the summer. 


Long shadows and things that go on that remain behind closed doors.


De Chirico. 


Zelensky has somethin’ on his hands. 


Be good to get to the front, wouldn’t it? 



While the arms deals come through and NATO moves its little men on the board to different locations, the framing of this conflict into David and Goliath is an interesting one. 


If you were to talk about military capability, would you pit Russia as Goliath and Ukraine as David? 


The point bein’ that Muriel wonders what will happen if NATO does decide to actually move somethin’ other than Jen’s Lycra cycling outfit.


Small cars. They love ‘em. 


Zelensky is movin’ people out of regions as keepin’ people alive might be a maxim to go with and the geo lines keep movin’ but information is a premium these days so what you know and don’t know is pretty much part of the whole dealio or should I say, warfare is not just the war.


Grain out but bombin’ still ongoin’


Figure that out. 




Nice to discuss climate change.


Islands in the Pacific must love it. 


In other news, Nance might visit Taiwan and there is a European thing goin’ on.


Climate change. 


The environment one day at a time.



Now I guess we’re all getting familiar with little bodies of water that otherwise were convenient backdrops to some ‘Look At Me I am Beautiful and Natural’ holiday shots that now have navies attached and Putin has decided that from St Pete’s that Russia the great is goin’ to buck the Western Wheat Crop with more naval power in Azov and the Black Sea. 


Naturally, Muriel is intrigued by this idea as she is also aware of their little operations North which are not to be quibbled with and have nothin’ to do with the Jane Fonda’s of the Western Empirical Might and the timin’ is unusual. 


Releasin’ a doctrine while up to your eyeballs in a small regional stoush that might or may not bring in the rest of Europe is certainly novel but how it would change the maritime balance of power at this present juncture is possibly the main dealio.


As in – and I will not repeat it again – Pootie, along with the obvs biz dealin’ that goes on behind closed doors and that other little sitch whereby you came in after Yalta on the side of the West before Japan got pummelled negotiated by a guy who could not stand up, I was wonderin’ baby, what does this give you in real terms? 


Commercial v naval shenanigans. 


The economic sides to war. 


Like to be aboard a few vessels to work out how the moves are bein’ traded. 


You feel me? 



Naturally PP has some thermal imagin’ that Ken got from some guy he met after the races when they made a lot of money on a horse and he said that if I was really good and did not just take off like a thief in the night or argue with Ewok who thinks his sister does Sweet FA and I think if I stole that thermal imagin’ from PP while he is doin’ serious office work with his little brow furrowed I would know for sure who is goin’ in and out of those little marginal slits on the map to the South of the current SITCH at hand or I could even peek at some NATO radar but the be fair you won’t see Hoffman on it. 


So back to square one. 


To be fair, looks like I might have to move to the Fourth Estate scenario. There, you can actually legally ask questions and they legally have to answer you. 


I’m not movin’ to Cuomo. 


Brangus is waitin for me in the Pacific, we like waves and my boys know how to ride ‘em. 


Yacht my arse. 



That Jon Stewart goes the vets sitch at hand is not to be trifled with.


Standin’ up to a system that should put people who served front and centre, like the miners and get real –  never telecast to thousands – about Americans who live well below your poverty line. 


No Florida tree lined enclaves there my friend. 


Similarly, the ecological rehabilitation after this fracas will be somethin’ to witness.


What the fish are swimmin’ with and the submarine dolphin I do naw know.


Again, how mariners combine a love of the water with natural strategic ambition is not for my thinkin’


It weighs on me. 



I was hopin’ for a little sub RnR.


Other than the distinct possibility that I would find Hoffman hot as, in reality it probably leaves the subs to the professionals after a cursory glance.


Still, I know there’s stuff I should know and to be fair, I should be on one but other than the obvs point that my ego does not demand it, it would not be an inconsequential view of history. 


If you actually thought little ponds mattered and shite. 


Imagine that reality.