Sometimes I think the Philip he say, Agnes, your clue go on holiday sometimes and I think, yes, it is true but sometimes it come home to me. 

Long time holiday, for sure but it come and I give it hug and say, thankyou very much my darling for coming back to me like Prodigy, no problem for me. 

And it come to me, that a lawng tyme ago, with the blood from smart but very naughty boy from long ago, that the Victoria she like the boy from me, and he do great things. Mah really. 

But the little Agnes, she know the block, and she think ‘mah what he do to the Great Ecky Thump Land of People Who Traverse the Globe And Do Great Things?’ 

And I think he very naughty boy, maybe he say something to the Yankee Poodles and the people Who Before Not Like the Ekky Thump Because Of Years Ago But They Fix That So but anyway And So the The Yankee Poodle Was Born. 

I say it and it is true. 


The true sometimes also go on the holiday with me. 

The Yankee Poodle from before He Was With The Ekky Thump That Before Fight The War that the Yankee Won From the Ekky Thump and the U2 they got the help from the Yankee for the PACE that now it stay. 

But Agnes, she think about this and she think. 

Mah these people very funny because why they no like the Empire That Was Before And Then They Have The Empire That Was Before.

Like, almost exactly but with new people. 

And the Thatcher she not for the turning but she turn for the Actor With the Bad Memory. 

This is very funny for Agnes. 

Before, when the fat one Who Drink Alot Win The War But Make British Empire Little Building That the Yankee Hide in When He Lose The War From the Yellow People well 

The Yankee he wait and he wait like the very smart boy and he take, no problem.

And the art, from the Booty, it go to them. For sure, no problem. 

Mah this is no problem but now the Agnes, the clue come back to her and she be the Yankee Poodle. 

Mah but no poodle for her! She have the real one. She have two and it one. 

And she wait. 

Big Empire for her. 

If the clue no go on the holiday.


Jaime Packer interview 


Hello Jaime? 


Hello. Who is this? 


This is Agnes. speaks slowly You understaaaand me? hand cups phone The Jaime. He has dyslexic. But not really. It just pretend that way. Very funny little fat fatha 




Hello my friend! You mix the red and the green? What is your problem? 




What is wrong with this phone? What the American satellites not work over road? They have empire and the little chubby boy 


Who is this? 


Oh this is Agnes for very important interview. Kerry and I we fix it so everything good. Blackfella eat goanna and goodbye problem. You see? I fix for you. Slate sparkle and everything. Little boy where that fat girl go for? Why you no hava tha gel she no like the OneTel mah you have babies and everything! 


I’m sorry. I don’t know


The Alex. He no understand the Asha like me! Macau problems for you go walkies! Hello what you need those for? 


I think you might 


to the side He no understand but really he does he and the Big One they no want the Chink Chonks to write the last line agreement, so he pretend 


What? What did you just say? 


I just tell them about how you clever and where the money 


What money? 


Mah Jaime no pretend to me!! What you do up there in the Honkers! aside The Jaime he have the big boys and I don know what you think? I think I no like the Casino but it is for him and the colour little too much for the Agnes she think hello, I think I am out of here, what goes on here my little boy? 


Um, I really can’t say


Mah, no worry my little chubby boy! No need no Tom Cruise, we do it all. I talk to the Honkers, I talk to the Mainland, I talk to the little pimple one who wear LA clothes who make those plain clothes? These bambinos no like the fashion I think, mah, thank you Allah for Kanye and King James otherwise I think the little skinny white boy with money like to look like dishcloth for us to wipe the floor. What they think? They think Mexican like them more if they wear the paw clothes? Ay dunno. I think it better if I speak to the Oprah and well, Belarus, I dunno. 


Are you suggesting that


No mah darling! I no want Walker and Peacock on my coochie! They too boring fah me. They Double Bay foo us, we leave it behind in the dust. Bye Bye but I get you gel with the idea and no worries for me. Mah I have the clicker on the clacker and you see with Big Five Eyes you see that this is for the Best Ones! Mah but I see everythin’ we wait the digital I don’ no but for sure you must make the new ones! Because the camera on the people is little boring for meee, they no interestin’ no? We make more fun in the Asha I have the program for us.


Ah ok…..


Mah if you want the Yankee Poodle just talk to me I no everywun and we do it on Big Ship near the Island. Not the bad Island though. But I forget which one Good Island and Which Bad Island? 


Sorry, I 


I talk to Yankee Poodle and find out.  They like to talk mah Donnie we work it out on tha Gulf Course. Qatar. PSG for sure is good looking Mussie French boy and Isabella and I, we not fritened. No Carla for us!



I take the sword from the Lake Burley Griffen. Geffen. No Griffen, for minute there I think I am in the Land of Lachlan big house with the tunnel. Hello Lachlan! Party for Agnes what you do in the tunnel? No problem for me the Other Brother from the Same Mother why you need to hide we have no problems! I am like the Rupert we do it no matter no hide for us! But mah no, I am in the Canbra where the Sheep in the Wolves clothing win Chook raffle for the people. No problem for us. 


Today, I go for the swim (in bikini and flippers and floaties) mah I do this to pull tha sword from tha lake mah my little PJK he say to me, Agnes, you in big trouble you not be with the people you go and get the sword and I say mah PJ, look at this! I do it all for you and  I will be better than you by ten times you think you only One in the world with the good clothes to Be in the Tin Humpy? Mah no mate! Look at this! This is a J Curve! Mah hello I am onto you PJK. No problem for me. The sword, it like zippity zop straight into the little hand of Agnes. I do the chopper and I do the sexy clothes and I do the maps I do it all and no problem for me. 


But now, the flippity flop into the what is this? Is this the Lake or what? What in here exactly? I don’t know. Mah maybe they no like someone and I don’t know. What you think? What the fish in the pond here? Bloody barracuda mate. I don know about that koi. It very orange to me look like the Quack Quack face. 


Hoppy, what you think about the water here? Yeah, me too. I think maybe I don’t know. 


Anyway (has the mask) we be off like Herd of Turtles. 


When I come back, I have the sword. 


And we do it for the Lebanon. crosses herself. 



And I say to myself, mah what is wrong with the criss cross? The criss cross is good for us no? It is very confusing but like the riddle but what you know about the riddle? The smart gels and boys they like the riddle so I do it better than them. 


The left and the right not know where it go and I change it so nobody can see where it been or going. 


The people, the big ones, they say ‘Agnes, why you do this?’ and ‘why you not go To See the Big Things’ and I say to them ‘Mah what you think, you think I do not know about Plausible Deniability Mate? 


They think you are very stupid. They not know we are very clever but On The Inside. 


But it is true. I do this very good because it is true. My clue go on holiday very much and The Ability well, it is plausible. But it is true. 


The Letterman he say, enough the Agnes! No Roxanne for me baby! No more. And I say, maybe. 


What your problem with the big nose and the big body? You know what they say! Agnes, she know this!


This is why I think, better I not in the Land of the Chocolate Muslim because Maybe, Too Many Good Looking Noses For Me.


And this is a problem. 


I no want the boys from the Los Palos to be the jealous because I not think of them. Greater Sunrise and for sure.


Mah maybe you never seen them before. But baby, this is problem for you, not for me. 

Hello foreign affair! It affair of heart for sure. 


This serve us. 


You see? 


I do it all.