Gee I hope there is more than a wheat crop at stake in the Ukraine. 


Anyway, apparently there might be sanctions on Eritrea because well there is a Port. 


Do not be fooled. 


This is way more complicated than that even if you minus the bullshit Tigray independence thing due to the Chinese interests also in Ethiopia and the Western bases alongside the Chinese base in Djibouti.


There is a map here that I love and does not tell you anything about how hot it is in this part of the world. 


But it does tell you about Potash and why people like potash.


If it is another ‘I am going to blow you up woman’ sort of coded message, naturally I am out because it gets real borin’ for me but it might be wise to think about why they want that pipeline ‘they’ bein’ the Chinese.




Anyway, you can read the long version here.


I will not discuss the Somaliland aspect as that is off the charts and I would need to try and work out who wants what map line to change. 


Maybe I can sleep with a policymaker while frontin’ a transparency outfit. 


That’s always a great way to make a livin’.



OK so the McMahon Line is sure as hell way on the charts because apparently the Chinese have been namin’ everythin’.


See, I can look at that map forever. 


It suggests that things might get interestin’ on the border or not. 


Anyway, thanks for this because actually I can see somethin’, do not have to hear someone lie to me about what the hell is goin’ on and it still suggests that Muriel was not an idiot in the first place.


Would you like to tell us where this is goin’ to end or should I read the Dalai Lama’s tea leaves for inspiration? 


Christopher Hitchens did over Mother Theresa for years. 


I feel no obligation to be nice to religious leaders of the Pentecostal variety. 


Wooden beads have no real value. 




Um Saudia Arabia.


Ah I don’t think askin’ for help when you have been loaded for eternity a good look but um, asking for help with Patriot missiles certainly an interestin’ choice. 


‘Can you help us violate some of our neighbours?’


Salman. Really. 


I mean I know this is a proxy sort of Iranian thing but Jesus Christ!


A few less fast cars might have helped the situation. 


It is not an insignificant amount of money BTW.


Didn’t you hand around the hat a few years ago? 


Gawd almighty.


And what are we to think of the Yemeni children that have arms as big as a stick? 


I hope to god there is a good pretext for cloudin’ what you lot are protectin’ in the Red Sea and that Strait. 


I mean, if those lot can get all that land on the border of Rich Fast Car Arabville, somethin’ is goin’ down real colourful.


Just who is tryin’ to get stuff out of that waterway? 


Oh boy. 


That’d be worth an interdiction. 


Of course you could always make someone feel like they were making headway. 


And then just apply the screws at the last minute. 


CIC I missed the Duntroon Masters but ah I’m gonna keep my eye on this one good and proper. 


Mookie, what are the odds?