Here we are right in Alpha Territory 

Look at the specimens! 

Like young gazelles, they run through the landscape, alert and aware of any oncoming danger

Secretly disguised as a Common Eastern Board surfy slacker, behind those Doe Eyed ripped tradey muscles, lies the Potent Alpha. 

One minute laying pine bark mulch around recycled brick, the next out in the water hunting the next wave. 

Man versus Nature! 

The Beast and the Beauty!

Oh wait – there is an upset! Chicks with surfboards! Running the show! Alongside the Men! Oh shit. Oh shit. What are we going to say about that Ladies and Gentlemen? 

My goodness me. Specimens of exceptional ability and grace. Too bad about the fat sucking blobs known as the rest of us! Too bad eh? Just too bad! 

Grab the wax strips and hit the bikini line peeps!!! No more moustache for me!!

Truly, what to say now that we have ripped muscles running the show! Forget the pansies back in the office ladies and gents! This is a real show for real believers! 

Brings new meaning to on the beaches hey? That’s right! Surfie God Empire right here Gents, a little bit of cladding, a little bit of a million dollar home, good looking laid back chick on the arm and we are home and hosed! 

Anyone for Kale? Anyone for an infused energy drink before a 12 hour day ladies and gents??  

This is the stuff of SAS legends! Anyone want to be dropped out of helicopter at a great height into freezing cold water so your Muff Can Be Icicles Of Antarctic Heights???!! 

OF COURSE!!! Swim with the sharks, see a whale on the way and find yourself back home via a transmitter!!! 

At the same time, try and find the logic in a Defence White Paper!! Make it origami and paper plane that bastard around Russell!!! 

Wait, there is a windswept hair out of place. Oh no, not sure if that is going to look good with the Aqua steamer. Pilates at 8, work at 9, surf when you can. That’s what we are about! Big things happening here in Oz Ladies and Gentlemen! 

Remember, if you an overweight male with social and political commentary you are a genius but if you are a chick doing the electric chicken dance by a river, you are in trouble people!! 

That’s right. Equality strides right here as the Australian government once again proves encryption is not a service that they partake in or they do but only sometimes wait they’ve spent millions! Billions! 

How they gunna run that line in Senate Estimates?? 

‘We have billions for encryption but well, we can’t have the kiddies doing satirical digs at their own government’ 


Oh that’s genius. 


All open source but never mind.


Mikey! We have a problem!


Agnes 225, Government 1