Mate, I just need four bullet points.


No, forget denial.  I was thinkin’ somethin’ a little zippier. 


Wait, I got a call comin’ in


Oh hello Bungendore 




Seriously, two minutes and 


Open the box mate 


Look at the switches


Yeah nah the one down


No to the right 




You got it? 


Where is the one for the windmill? Go down. That one. 


Yeah but can you believe he did without me.


Oh grow up Bungendore! 


Everybody has to pull their weight and do some typin! 






Nah he’s not goin’ there anymore 


Um well the thing with the Japs? 


Yeah dunno, haven’t seen the fine print


Are the Germans comin’ with sausage?  


Dunno.  Dunno. 


Oh mate, Raby is goin’ it again 


Dunno. Dunno. But Bhutan is a beauty.


Nah. But geez I did 50k’s on the bike and 


What? Seat of power love. 


Yeah nah The Ring. All goin’ on. 


Yeah hard but someone has to do it. They don’t realise how hard it is to wait around for me latte. All skill there mate. 


Yeah, surfin’ louche meets dairy farmer. The way forward. Clearly.


REM policy. Bloody genius. Outdoin’ herself once again. 


Oh but seriously! We got roads to build. Hard hats. Fluro vests. Did you go fishin’?


Nah. Nah. Reno’s takin’ forever. 5th investment home is the trick. 


Tell the boss looking good. 


Oh listen might be a week late but other than that pretty much on schedule. 


Oh mate, someone has to do it. 


Listen, any minute now we’ll have a roof. 




Any minute now. 






Love to Bungendore.