You can’t seriously want to Olive Cotton me 

Now we didn’t say that 

I have faith in Mikey’s ability to protect us from anything malign. He is a great Australian! He is able to see the broad brushwork, the sweep, the canvas of life that requires only the very best from our typists 

Ease up

Little squirrels bunkering down to out squirrel the other little squirrels 

I said, ease up 

The pattern, the intricacies of the embroidered policy woven through a Canberra suburb like galahs nestling down to peck on the green slanted foliage of the orange blossom squaaak squaaak sqwuaak


Darwin! Ballarat! Bendigo! Squaaak Squaak Squaakkk. Oh but darling, it is all about timing! I mean, let’s cancel a Belt and Road initiative when the coin has already hit the pocket, dangling like a little friend inside the investment trust, anyone care for a REIT?  

Helm. Helm. 

Care for a REIT? I mean this is great stuff! Where did he get it from? Where do these little nuggets rush forth? Sitting in a restaurant, little wattle icecream with a Viongier? 

You don’t have wattle icecream with 

reaching forward touching his hair

This is the stuff of legends! Coal, hydrogen and complete protection from all malign electronic activity care of the information age care of the Tofflers care of the cables care of the satellites care of the incredibly sophisticated over the horizon, over the Katharine, over the patrol boat, over the Cocos, over the 

We got it 

Now this my darling, is our Australia. You see, Mikey just makes me feel warm and cozy at night. A little crocheted patchwork of informational cyber garrisons. All fortifying the nation with upright cause and beautiful behaviour. 

You know I think you’d be wonderful at Defence PR

I won’t need a Max, I won’t need a beach


Cotton me.


Julian! Julian! Help me! Quick!