Oh the grannies are working it out as we speak 


We are at a momentous time! This is not the time to 


What? Engage in ransacking followed by brutality followed by protests. Our little Lord Fauntleroy showing us graphic pictures of beaten legs. I know who should be wearing a nappy. What’s the endgame? 


You know what 


I don’t darling. You have tanks on the border. Who’s crack idea was that one? Have a little meeting did we with the Chinese about the nationalistic theatre that needs to be played on both sides? 


This is about people’s lives! There are bloody people in Hong Kong, people in the rain, in the streets, they want freedom 


I know. You want me to replay the footage you watched online blow by blow 


I have it on good authority 


Good authority. Which good authority? Imagine the gossip on that little outpost right now. I’m telling you. There have been more dramas in those small islands than Chinese tanks and my bet is the Granny’s are sorting this shit out somewhere in Asia. 


It is about people’s lives and the extradition bill is about you!


Please don’t lecture me on human rights and freedom. I will repeat once more, that while I was face down in Las Vegas because I said that there was money laundering


Not just money laundering, but military money laundering


I got a bit carried away. 


A bit carried away! 


Anyway, while you are bitching Chinese casinos in Cambodia, there I am, face down, doing exactly what you claim is what everyone should do vis a vis China and next thing you know 


But this is our moment! You know all about this and every five seconds just as we are about to advance, WHAMMO, Mrs Bean gives us five cents worth that hardly does justice to the incredible amount of military hardware we have 


We know all about that sunshine. You did such a good job last time, you know, the bit where the Yanks put on helmets and then went in and then went out and the bastard place was left high and dry for the Commies. 


Jesus Christ! This is not that time! Afghanistan 


Although I hasten to add, I think you were done in by your advisors. I think there was a deal done by Enlai and Kissinger. I mean clearly. Bad execution is rarely bad execution. It is just muddled policy. 


Exactly! You are messing up carefully laid plans that we have that are about people and their future 


Just let me know how the next bit goes because that is a little bit tougher than a white plastic folder with a HRW sticker. Just in case the last thousand years haven’t crossed your mind 


What we get from you is nothing but obstruction when we are so close to 


To what? What are you close to? Chinese fishing vessels in Filipino waters? 


That’s exactly what I am talking about! That bit right there! Right now! You just did it! And you are nowhere near the zones of contention, 


Oh I can be. Which island do you want me on? I don’t mind. Bit boring though. Prefer to be holed up with a Hong Kong billionaire hearing about the next plot line. Although Venezuela is pretty tough at the moment and Palestine. Well, funny how that human rights isn’t on the agenda like Hong Kong. Gosh. I wonder if housing prices will come down. 


That’s not funny! 


SBS might not be able to film in the streets about hawker food. The crime. 


You cannot compare Palestine and Hong Kong


Exactly my point. 


We are on the verge of finishing goals that have been laid out 


Who benefits from these goals? I mean, the Balkans just got broken up and a big FO base was constructed in Kosovo. Ditto the heartlands. Does money pour in or do we just leave little Roman garrisons so we can oversee the power structure? And then come to speak of it, as a woman, do I get to sit in on the oil and gas deals? A little hydroelectricity deal between governments or do I do cross stitching while our rugged individualists traverse the globe espousing greatness? 


There are ways and means to do things and look what happened in Kashmir. No blood spilled. 


Bravo. Saving ammo rounds one day at a time. 


The point is that Hong Kong is a sign 


Oh puhlease


But you know the reality 


I have no interest in reality. What I have seen of it suggests that ideology is a Lego set one should avoid. All the colours have to match. And as for the Indians, my god 


This is not about 


Aren’t they crowing about being appointed the democracy police. J-ehas-us. It’s a like a little kid been given a whole bunch of lollies. That kid in that Lars film who finally is told he’ll inherit it all before everyone finds out the father did the kids. 


Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! 


Oh I’m sorry. It is peoples future. It is really important.