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Aha. We want.


The kid border thing


The problem with the kid border thing is that like the refugee issue in Australia, there are national security issues at the heart of it and you don’t want to admit that. But yes, naturally I don’t believe in it. What’s to believe in?


Anyhow, and the border issue and Trump


And Trump. Yes, diabolical. And what? Are we to constantly consider the issues of the American President pressing when internationally there is quite a lot on the plate? You understand that you constantly try to garner more leverage by distracting people from the real issues and perhaps that isn’t exactly


But you know what the President says


What the President says and what is happening at a macro level are two totally different things. He is desperately trying to lose the next election so that the grey police can continue to keep Washington and the capitals ‘cleansed’ as it were from undesirables. Not exactly white shirts. But the tactics are mostly underhand and underreported.


Do you think that unqualified people should be in charge of policy?


No. I didn’t say that. I simply cannot enter constantly into US domestic politics when there are bigger things at play including the fact you had me on a bathroom floor two weeks ago. But Justin Bieber must be really struggling. He probably was but not from glancing in the wrong direction or deigning to go by helicopter over a desert. The crime.


But if you say something


What do you want me to say? I don’t think mistreatment of illegals is humane? Of course it bloody isn’t. But like Australia they will drag this out as part of some human rights agenda when in fact, strategy may have more to do with it.


You don’t know that.


Oh I think I do. And it is inhumane. And yes, I think what the young Democrats are saying is brilliant. What is not to like? I just have other things on my mind.


He is racist.


And? What? You elected him. So, unelect him. Perhaps if you discussed the racist nature of large countries bombing the crap out of smaller ones we’d also have a discussion. I guess then America would not be so outspoken. You see how Empires work? They are only for you if you do not criticise them. If for instance, you say ‘hey Philippines! You are Olaf’ this is not popular. But it is true. Very true.


So you think they should go China’s way.


I am simply saying that if they continue to egg on America’s involvement, a relationship so beneficial to the Philippines they have spent most of their time in the 20th Century abroad looking for work, they will be one of the first hit. Or, if you like your ideas neutered and palatable, they are in an area of ‘hotly contested’ waters or something. Regardless, that’s the dealio and no amount of flag waving from self interested parties that will be sitting back in a hotel room as it happens, makes me think otherwise. But knock yourselves out. If the East keeps this up, they’ll just erase themselves from any possible revival that might have signified something curiously beneficial.


That’s bullshit.


That’s true. Whether or not I advocated the complete opposite is neither here nor there.


Can you even spell Machiavelli?


In the time I would have liked to educate myself, I have been dealing with your incredibly thorough and not so inspiring cyber obfuscation. And allegedly, not talented enough for your ‘work’. If work means ‘politically acceptable journalism advocated by security services that serve nations not people.’ But if you are suggesting whether I am aware that politicians change policy, yes.


Give us a policy.


When I recover from the poison, you get a policy. Dealing with whatever little gem I am going to proffer next as you tell me repeatedly how lacking in talent and morals and strength I am while you beat me down until I cannot get up, I might. By the way, can you please tell a few of your subjects their acting is atrocious. I hate to lose people because you didn’t train them well enough. I thought there always had to be a kernel of truth. I don’t see the kernel.


So wonderful dealing with an expert.