We need you to be the bull. 


Oh really! How fascinating. I really didn’t know. All that provocation. 


Everyone is 


How are the national efforts going? Is Warney doing wonderfully with the hand sanitiser? Gosh. What remarkable people these industrialists and spin bowlers are. If only I learned to play cricket better. Such humanitarians. 


This is a very serious 


Hmm. Wait. Bio-tech. Tech companies. Defence. The State. Goodness me hasn’t Xmas come early for some! 


China has come out of this 


Has it? Imagine not having parliament sitting. Then you have emergency powers. I wonder what people who have to do important things will do with all that time? 


We have been through bush fires and now this so why don’t you 


Wait. What will I do? Plenty of time to work on the shares. Round of golf. Pity of course that I can’t sit on a board and find out exactly  


People are unemployed 


You have been talking this up for ten years. It is almost as if a bunch of rich spoilt kids want a depression. But you can’t. 


It is market 


No it is not. The market has had the invisible hand of the State give it a nice fondle. 


Not funny. 


Funny. The panic is ridiculous 


That’s life 


You’d be lousy in a war. I mean, really lousy. Anyway, anyone want to tell me why this virus is bad but why chemicals in food are fine? 


To put in place 


Easy to put in place. If you don’t fix it now, you’ll be hammered with legal. I hate to think how many people have already been affected. But you know, only lowly citizens. 


You can’t know, won’t know 


That’s what big tobacco once said 


And look who still supports them? The cool generation.


Fading. Not really. Young. Stupid. 


Stop taking on these topics that require 


People have already done it for me, honey. That boat has sailed. With any luck, the trash that usually are given sub standard produce will now rise up 




Rise up and 


How can they rise up?


Refuse. Refuse point blank to accept poor or substandard produce without labelling. Enforced 


Impossible. In India? Most of Asia?


Well, then the rulers will be liable for health inequality. 


That has been going on for 


Anyway. There you have it. I raised the issue. I made the point. I used all the tools available to me with incredible energy efficiency. I advocated, I protested, I lead. Now tell me something, in the last 25 years, who has been making sure that people are protected from chemicals in the food and water? Other than Prince Charlie. 


You are a


And I want to meet them. I want them to change legislation and I want them to work with the military. 


They probably already do!


Well. You never bloody know do you. All fucking top secret. I want it. I want it now, and I will win and prevail because she whispers this one is easy. It’s not like in 50 years I won’t be right 


We can’t bloody tell you and you are in charge so shut up!


If I am in charge and I don’t know, I’d say there is some discrimination in the workplace. Feel free to throw anyone who needs to tell me anything my way. I mean, we all have time. Now that we have strong government. 


She grins. He glowers.