Ah Miss Savage, back from the tropics.


Is that meant to be funny? 


Good to see you’ve tempered that irrational urge to verbally accost poor long suffering DSD 


Don’t they get paid to listen in to my witty 


Not what we call them.


Oh, yes I guess those that are busy obfuscating the link between


You haven’t convinced me that  


Do you want me to colour in the maps where cancer clusters occur 


You haven’t collated the statistics yet 


No. I’ll just visit them in the beautiful corridors 


Oh dear. Not the State again


Yeah, you know the one that fails to investigate paedophilia in its own hallways but manages to give out Walkley’s to journalists that investigate it in a Church. The difference being that the Church is trying to be accountable. Our Democracy Mormon Door Knockers aren’t. How much did our poor darling little boys get for their toys this year? 


As you know, until ships can be built out of recycled paper 


But I though that is what the military was for! Innovation. Advanced capability. 


I thought you decided we were an autocracy 


I don’t think the people are in control of the State, if that is what 


Social media has proven a 


A boon for military technology


Not always. Social behavioural 


A wonderful little diplomatic foot solider is going to do a documentary in 60 years telling us how horrible it was. Oh big fucking Walkley there. 


Are we in Canberra or Washington? 


Doesn’t matter does it? 


I thought you were all about China


I thought you had some morals 


You don’t seem the least bit interested 


And who am I going to talk to? The walls? The last idiot I spoke to in Washington practically spat at me 


He probably didn’t like fricatives 


Oh but behavioural experiments 


It is not your business 


It is my business. Whatever you do, those dodos in my part of the world will follow your dumb arse lead 


They don’t actually 


What?! South East Asia? India? They do whatever they bloody please! 


What would you know 


The last month has had me down with Lyme some bloody invented infectious disease where did that come from and what are you using it for? The immune systems response to…and 60 off my bloody dog!


Your poor dog.


What is with the cancer centres?


So glad you can join our biomedical conversations with so much knowledge 


If I so much as get a whiff that anyone has died because you idiots thought it was more important to scrape something into a Petri dish than save a life 


Science has always tested the limits 


What with prisoners and prostitutes that weren’t even told what they were injected with! Jesus almighty 


You don’t know what the rules are because you don’t know enough about this subject


I won’t even start about the Army fucking me over in the mountains or the fact that I dare say a few of those bloody 


You don’t know that.


That’s right. I don’t I’ll have to work it out my bloody self because you bought all the intelligence crew off!


I think you should calm down and think about your subject


Oh that’s really nice that’s 


I no longer can follow what you are 


What are you going to say to those kids when they grow up without parents because 


I don’t think that pollution has yet be proven to 


Oh I bet if China does it, it will be considered an international disgrace. 


It must be overwhelming coming from a small country and they are not malign, you misunderstand what we are


A small country a small


You’re wrong, people do listen, you just have it all arse up as per usual 


And I am being accused of being AWOL when pollies have been AWOL for years!


That’s not true 


If I find out that the Democrats had an opportunity to save people’s lives with environmental legislation and voted against it, I am going to town. 


Good luck. Just beware of falsely accusing people when 


You practically signpost everything you do to each other so stop pretending that revealing information is a big fucking deal. You live off the sensitive information you swap


We are trying to save you


You are not trying to save me. You are trying to discredit me so your lover or your child some idiot can rise up the ranks and look like a cocksucking brown nosed idiot 


That is not true actually, you are doing yourself a grave dis 


And do not try that man bites dog crap. Democracy dies in the darkness. Oh you make me puke


Oh…Could you be a bit more pleasant? There are factors here


Before or after you put me in a sauna and I die childless you puss-pussied wormhole 


Oh for goddsaake…


Eight years you 


hope you can make a lightweight t-shirt out of it for the Syrians 




Yes. For a minute there one might have had the strange sensation that you were above grubby politics. Good that you still have a modicum of self-awareness. Remember. We have the tapes. 


Oh blow it out your arse. It’s not the fucking Rose Garden 


No. Quite.