So you’re thinking about it, the genetic editing the editing of the genes, the possibility of injecting my tela – as it were – with something some that alters my DNA the DNA that no-one has asked me for not even slightly asked can we please use this?


No it is an innocent sample not question but


Just a sample


As the tick borne disease ravishes and makes meal of those lured by the shimmering sea


I’d consult a map




Anyway, they’re onto it I mean not me per se but the whole notion of it, the whole attempt to map us so that they can find ways to alter the chromies I mean, it starts with animals it is a good way to start but as to the regulatory nature of the project, the regulation per se it ain’t nothin’ but the railroads and my thought it, my though as good as any, is that they ain’t thinkin’ about us.


Cause let’s think about it.


I mean, if they have autistic schools sittin’ on contaminated old sites and they have schools right next door I mean on top of them schools then I have to say, and there is a right way to say it, they ain’t thinkin’ about us, right?


They’re thinkin’ about the strategic value of strategic assets right near a school helps you know. I mean, you bomb a school and you got a human rights problem so might as well bury that stuff, whatever that stuff be, right near a school under a school and then there it is.


There it is.


They paint the roofs cause I can’t tell you that but I can tell you that because it is all part of the program, all part of the insurance, the international insurance that lets them know, lets them all know, what deep down low black as hell stuff is burning the ground while frozen at this time but the energy that is, the energy later, the potential to blow the shit out of anything.


I dunno. Sounds sort of iffy to me if you were say, doin’ a paper on leadership like they want you to do, to write about being a leader when all the school captains and prefects know about this shit and haven’t said shit about the health repercussions the lungs black and tarred and death becomes them but sure as shit the school captains have said no shit.


Makes no sense.


What is the point of the leadership debating club in the first place? Turned their eyes as quick as they could didn’t bring it to light no did not bring it to light and the same white trash honkies filling those military stockings probably the first to go down with something that science could fix yeah science could fix.


That and rearranging the school playgrounds.


Hey Mum, drop me off would yah?


Yeah, go play near a toxic dump site, you’re gunna love what the army does with those figures!


Right royal 50’s family fun fest that little fucker.


But hey, they iz just white trash honkies and nothing like good old white and back trash to die knowing that they got good money doing the slave shit of some pimped out whore citing the commie threat to get them some Washington skin on skin taut and tight as the muscles of the GI blowing for Jesus.


Get your arse to the Yellow Hordes yeah why don’t you look at what the yellow hordes doin’


Well if you let me do my job I’ll be there in a flash honey but first I haven’t finished with you getting Daddy to buy you all the latest toys while getting enough greenback for the latest iPhone and hiding it all yes hiding it all the legality quite the thing


Oh quite the thing


Because you love legal things oh yes you do Boston Legal, Legal Eagles, Legal Legal and Ginsburg and to think, not a legal thing to be done that’s right you heard me, not a legal thing to be done because you are above it all and in the quiet in the death quiet night this will be discussed by the debate team carefully and slowly not one kid going to the schools seeping through the slick black trash thrown around so we can all drive Hummers through the streets on 4th of July


That’s worth a fuckin’ red blu and white ribbon


I’d curl it but these strange tales got me curdlin’ at the bit


Not sure how the values fold. Catch my drift? I mean, you sure as hell care for the kids now, it sure as hell ain’t year of the kid but as long as you got that GI Joe thing all straight and proper and you got those roofs painted and you got those things buried far underground well, no-one would know now would they?


Oh purely imaginary I mean, you’re not one to discredit anyone


The hallway statues not ones to discredit anyone


Not to stoop that low no


Not to stoop that low.





And it brings me to the word discrimination it is too long it is too refined that word to explain the black and purple hits that no-one sees the unseemly collusion at the heart of extraction because extracting you from your every human DNA is what they are doing oh yes they are


Like a diseased cell they extracting you from what they think to be the very perfect model of a model citizenship


Except they didn’t ask me in the democracy what that model of democracy was


Which means it ain’t.




Societal flagellation blood and bruised there ain’t no-one to pick you up when these grey behind the sceners decide they want you out


Or bleedin’


And I can thank my lucky stars the compassionate middle class look elsewhere concerned that they don’t want a scene an ugly scene and that would be hard for them to articulate


The meanness of it all


But they live in nice houses so


It is all just peachy.



Well it just came down on me


I mean just fell about me


The meanness of it, the unrelenting stupidity of it all


Meaningless conversations, unrecognised acts, selfish little pricks looking on while they tear it apart but mostly


really mostly


That there was no-one.


it didn’t fucking matter because they could keep doing sheer acts of bastardry bastards


And no-one will say shit.


So I had my moment. Fell about heaving sweat and vomit in the utter vileness of it all


The utter ugliness of it, the sawn off ripped apart bitch of it


You were a piece of trash and they could fuck with you whenever they liked


Not one fucking Catholic capable of coming to the party


Not one so called independent journalist fighting the good fight


No, they were spectators in your misery and they did not give a shit.




These are the people handed the keys to rule the world


Not to be fucking trusted.



Oh but they want to save you


Don’t save me please


All infantile maliciousness


I don’t want your saving.


Besides, you’ll only find a reason not to save someone else so


I am not sure we can be friends.


You’re too busy looking cool


For me to bother really.



What the fuck goes through these people’s head


Fuckin’ nothin’.



How can a person be a leader with fricatives?


Sure as shit male Presidents have sworn like wild turkeys


Didn’t expose that did you


No you did not.


Just us the little chick handed the chalice of turdom


And the important men still airbrushing their grubby little misadventures


Baffin Bay fuckers


Like you’re gunna get away with that.



Cuomo is gunna study why the cancer rate is so high


Chortle chortle


Oh that’s funny


Real funny


Nothin’ at all to do with the buildings near the river


Oh god no




How could that possibly be


I’d throw some money at the problem


And cover that shit up.