Did you see the big fuck off maps?


I saw.


I mean, look at that.


I saw.


I mean, how can you say that isn’t a threat, hey?


What, as opposed to the F35’s you are selling that most definitely did not employ a large section of local workers? 


The technology comes from multiple leading


Please feel free to document the amount of ‘local’ workers employed and whether there were any ‘foreign interference’ laws violated. I think they call it lobbying in some countries. I mean, not legally of course, because only the Chinese would do that. I mean, clearly. And I know that because Las Vegas and the Air Force and the proximity of test ranges to casinos would in no way suggest that there would be corruption of any sort. I mean you guys are clean. I just think every day ‘MMMMM don’t I love clean eating.’ That’s why I ate a ‘defense’ smoothie in in Las Vegas and churned that motherfucker up until I could very clearly see that, it could be, I am right.


Those are baseless accusations


Of course.


But we’re not building roads everywhere, we’re not


No, point taken there son. What is there is a ‘debt trap’ is there? Sure. Reminds me of those released sex tapes before everyone finds out they are gay.


Have you even examined the terms?


Let me see. Dumb Prime Ministers who run countries and have degrees from Oxford and LSE and hang out at the UN with other Prime Ministers, with more economic advisors than is naturally possible, sign agreements with debt traps. Yeah, that makes sense. That Greek logic of yours is really working overtime. Wait – oh my god! Could there be more to it than that! Could it possibly be, that this is not the end of the story?! NOOOOOOO Scarlett cries, her taffeta skirt swishing in the morning air, as Mame yells


People are voting with their feet! Joshua Wong


Has woken up in his own wet dream. He was probably a pedophilia intake from ‘85. That boy is way too young.


That’s not funny


Is it 20 million funny? Dave Chappelle gets 20 million a session for sitting out on an Ohio farm and mining jokes. Now that my friend, is capitalism.


They are fighting for human rights. For freedom.


You want to dictate the terms but get them to do the heavy lifting? Oh no. I got that bit.


The violence of the police


What? What ‘America the policeman in Gaza’? You mean those police?


This is a crucial time


After you let a bomb rip? I mean, in Aceh they just destroyed the homes of the dirt poor. But this time, I mean you even got some people with big houses. Military innovation one day at a time.


You are not going to try and tell me that you think


How would we know what happened or even why it happened? Transparency nil.


Hurricane Dorian, natural disasters are part of the oceans warming


Not so natural methinks, but plug away.


Science has proven


How the hell does anyone get away with saying the oceans are warming not implicating any military or commercial technology when you got nuclear submarines running around populating the universe like some out of control dipshit


We have stringent laws that stop us from


Do you?


Yes we do.


You knock off your own people by having lax chemical laws that allow people to die from cancer that could have been entirely preventable. I don’t know. I’d have to find those secret laws.


You have no evidence


The cancer clusters you dumb half baked moron, are in all the areas where your petroleum and nuclear companies are located. They even have clusters on your rivers right where you have factories that just happen to specialise in chemicals.


Being a cheap hack


Trojan War over, Aeneas wandering home


Have you ever even read it?


I have.




Not your business.