Darling, I was wondering if you could open that little sweet mouth of yours to talk about anything that might matter. Like say, Myanmar. 

Oh darling heart, I think I did and then you stuffed it up. Helm requires consistency. Isn’t that what you are about? All those yak balls putting energy up into that dynamic little mozak.

We were sort of counting on on you. 

Why? I am busy reading about your incredible largesse. My, that must some golden bagpipe we’re carting around.  Or is that a fleece. All these legends have me wondering how you will feed the people. 

We are in the middle of 

Oh darling, how did I ever guess? It must be terrible to be amongst all that importance and power. I know, why don’t you offer a few breadcrumbs to the ladies. I was thinking I’d like to bag 2 percent of the largesse. As in, bag and pipe. Mine. 


It is only fair darling! All those weapons and all that integration. BTW I’m to helm and support while I denounce the military junta that has a woman who was under house arrest but I on the other hand 

Get over it. 

Oh I was just being logical. Coherent. Dots and stuff. Foster the people.  

The nature of strength 

Oh lord! Don’t tell me. I’m about to get a lesson on warfare and resilience. Please don’t. I was so enjoying the day. 

Not everyone 

Oh for fuckssake. How’s the VEEP going? Are there new policy gems or am I to believe that this is it? 

Honeybee, if you advocate certain things

Anyway. What are you doing? Is any of this going to trickle down or is Truman here going to watch you piss this up the 

Funnily enough, we plan. 

Goodness me. Any original thoughts as in Original Thoughts or you going to rip off US seeding? The chicks and I were thinking of having this amazing original idea in the bathroom and boom! Become billionaires overnight. You’d love it. Like as in, an AFR piece. 

‘We’re just clean cut little girls with amazing ideas that wow, then get funded and wow, we just become billionaires’. Maybe they should go into nursing. I was thinking I house in Point Piper. Whaddya think? 

Kat, you are so pleasant. Especially in the morning. 

Honeybee, that’s because I wake up thinking ‘Gosh, should I watch the planes or fly the planes.’

Darling, that would involve application. As in intelligent application. 

Oh my little Empirical Golden Boy could you use that intelligent application to discuss Lyme’s or should I amuse myself with immune protocol? Knowing how much you like protocol. 

And you’d know that because you spend so much time with the human race. Just poring over their experience like a little caring nurturing 

Oh darling you know me so well. You really have tried but the thing is I am still wondering you know, ah, why is it that when important people speak it is important and when unimportant people

But darling! You are so special and very important. It is just that if you weigh in on important issues it is probably to front up and talk the talk baby heart 

Oh FuzzyWuzzy, quick question how is that possible if you are fighting the very same surveillance that you call out other large countries for and assume that it is a level playing field? Sweetie pie.

Well my considered angel, if you are going to say you’ll fight for the little people honeybee, you have to fight for them. Like as in, imagine you are in a large country and alone. 

Oh precious heart, the problem being that I am in control so how do I do control and work out how the flying fuck you managed

Ah Ah temper temper

To roll back democratic reforms? Do you not think that when I say them. I mean, like as in ‘this is what I said and you said I could have everything, like women in power and stuff’ Wild concept, baby. Wild. 

Oh possum, bless your little socks. But knowing as you do that the international template is in a constant state of flux and currently if you had paid attention 

Oh and being your current Everywoman, should I read the bastard tea leaves or listen in to some important conversations to find out

Darling, we’ve so enjoyed the blonde act but it is getting a little thin and how about you instead focus on where the pins are lying on the maps 

Oh that would be so informative. Should I bring my textas? Some stick it notes? 

How about a personality? Depending on which one you decide on while dressing 

Ha. Imagine having one. Don’t. It will hurt that pretty head. I’ve got one better. How about I sit in on the meetings, trundle some khaki with information and then make the decision? Facts do help with accurate planning. 

Ah isn’t that amazing. Actually in a democracy, we have all the facts at your fingertips. You can actually read. And then, work it out. 

Oh, that sounds so…….empowered. But I mean, in real life! Like, bless, here are the dots. Here. Make the decision. 

Darling, we have Marise for that and well, I’m not sure the attention span runs that far. A meeting could last, gosh, longer than a trip to the shops. 

Oh possum. I really do understand how people are drawn to your unreconstructed brilliance. It is so vaguely reassuring, however in the world of neon leather and skin tight strategy, I can’t say it will stay turned on. And you know how I need to do it for the kids.

Yes, a real rated G number. That’s my protected plucked from obscurity given the world little princess 

Oh it really has been hard for some in this country hasn’t it. Just oppressed men riding the streets. Bagging the gold and throwing around new energy policy like some altar boy on the lam 

You know. Big girls try. 

Oh I feel so…. morally fortified. I feel that indeed, I might be able to run the joint. 

Never too late to start. 12 years, why stop now? 

I really am so glad I came home. The skills I’ve picked up during this whole process. ‘Intuit complex geographical arrangements and apply’ I was thinking more, own a mine. Run a company. Talk to Gina. Swan about on world stage. 

And would you glide darling heart or dive into a puddle just to make sure your feathers had something to feed off 

The latter. Sort of like a gas plant or a platform out to sea. A wind turbine. Or an energy hub. We are Progress 101. 


Policy Princess, stick to amusing. It requires very little substance. 

Snuggle muffin, then sticking to you would be all I need to do. Daaaaarling heaaaart. By the way, have you thought about modelling for Braveheart? The Streets Lion has a paddle pop opening.

I’d drip over you but you wouldn’t get it. 

Don’t excite me. 

walks out