Yeah tariffs, who knew. 


So I went to one of the tariff hearings.


I mean, I would have liked to go to all of them really. But I don’t live in DC and it was really hot and stuff. And I hate sitting down so….you know.


I was more excited about a pic in front of the teamsters office. Jimmy Hoffa’s son still runs the joint!!




Lucky I didn’t head down to the Baltimore dock and Wire me up some water/air samples. Because that is going to make me popular. 


However, back to the pencil skirt and pad stuff. Is one day of hearings enough to get an idea of the proceedings here? 




That said, here is what Bobble Head learnt from listening to people support or not support the tariffs: 


—  it would be a real drag if you setting up a biz and your cheap manufacturing base was suddenly taken from you. 


— the idea is that alternatives are to be found in the US. As in, source it somewhere here people. That was BIG. YUGE.


— Um, some people were coached by their Chinese company owners so that wasn’t popular. See cranky frowns from USTR dude/ettes on the other side.


— There was one or two people that were in support of the tariffs. Majority not. 


— There is a mink trade in this country? You are kidding me. 


— The problem seemed to be with the definition of goods that were deemed to involve ‘technology’ transfer and intell property. Most seemed to think their products not in anyway able to be used for dual tech purpose. 


— Well…….there was a really interesting chemical company and what they do I am not really sure but involved chemicals and fertiliser and, my bet is that one is as colourful as flock.


Oh what I wouldn’t do if I could find out the shell company and the parent company and then the shipping codes and then the merchandise and then what was delivered….oh yeah.


But that is totally unsubstantiated so I am not going to be Alan Jones.




Anyway, the upshot here is: 


—  like the Hurricane, the whole thing was downgraded so you know, 10% and all that. 


 — it would be really good to be in Washington because then you would know stuff. 


— Don King has been asked to tone down both Serena’s PR and China/US biffo because it is currently looking like receipts are coming directly from the prospect of biff as opposed to actual biffo. 


Serena didn’t even touch her.


Why was she crying? 


OR: nothing like a good old trade fight to stir things up and forget the Endless Wars.


Comprendez peeps? 


That’s The Weekly Brief for the Briefless.


Next, we look at why Mussies are being shipped off to islands by Buddhists who revere a monk who says we have to be actively politically engaged. 


Thanks DL.